Friday, June 27, 2008

I Think That Possibly, Maybe ...

UPDATE: Okay, I did it. I applied. I sent my paperwork into a State University for a prof job. I don't know if I want it. It is full time. Okay, I want it, I just don't know if I would be any good at it. I will keep you posted. Ya know if I get an interview you will have to help me with an outfit? How could I ever live without you all.

I might, kinda, sorta, could think about the potential of the remote option of applying for a job. Maybe. I mean it is kinda sorta out of my league, but why not give it a shot,right? Rejection makes me stronger.

So they ask for a gazillion written pieces. I thought about just sending them my blog, but they couldn't handle the truth! I kid, I kid. I think we are all painfully aware why I would NEVER send them my blog -- cause I spell horribly and show pics of me 4.7 seconds after waking up and tell about how my panties are seen in Mexican restaurants. I am the real me here and in order for anyone to actually HIRE me, I have to put on a professional fake me. I do it well.

So they asked for a written solution to world peace, driving directions to Katmandu, a response to CNN's documentary We Were Warned: Out of Gas , and an in-depth paper on if I were an animal, which animal would I be. The last two were not hard cause I keep those updated on my computer just in case anyone asks. If you think that is weird then I KID, I KID. If you think that is normal, email me and I will send them to you.

They also asked for an objective and teaching philosophy, which you will find below. Why? Why? Cause you all are the smartest people in the WORLD! And while I big pink fuzzy heart with glitter LOVE to write, I detest writing cheesy canned stuff and that is what this appears to be. But, I am CHEESY to the extreme and it is all true. Really it is. If I have one passion in life (other than my Twerps, toe nail polish, Dr Pepper with lime, vanilla lattes, and Jose) it would be teaching. I love to teach. It is the only thing I am not miserable at. It is my vein, my element, my thang.

So read below and give me your honest to blog's opinion. These are two of the six pieces they asked for. I feel confident of the other four pieces, these are the ones I am not overjoyed about. I had to met length requirements so nothing I can do about that part. What would I do without you?

Grab something caffeinated and use paper clips to hold your eye lids up and May the Force Be With You!

To obtain a career where I can provide a positive and creative teaching/learning environment, both inside and outside the classroom, that sustains instructional excellence, serves a diverse and university-prepared student body, promotes high levels of student achievement, and offers academic assistance in which all students can excel.

Teaching Philosophy
I am passionate about teaching. I embrace the challenge as an opportunity to inspire and encourage. As a teacher, my responsibility is not to just teach the content. My responsibility is to teach the students, and to make sure each student learns new content every day. Ideally, I want students to feel personally motivated and challenged by the course I am teaching. I want them to see me as a guide that launched them into their journey of continuous learning.

Learning is most likely to occur when students can relate to the subject matter being taught. I try to personally engage each student in the topic. I incorporate my life experiences (sometimes triumphant, many times humbling), hands on activities, interactive teaching, and collaborative work. While students must ultimately take responsibility for their own learning, I know the right teacher can often inspire them to go to the next level of passion and success. I try to learn about the students I teach and listen to their desires, backgrounds, and dreams. This helps me reflect on ways of making the subject relevant while promoting higher level thinking.

I hope not only to teach a student, but to draw up inside of them the passion for learning. I aspire to ignite in them a desire to continue to grow – to chase after best practices long after the degree is in hand.

I work to promote student responsibility for learning by allowing student choice while providing boundaries for security. Students having choices in their learning allows for ownership. I enjoy open-ended activities -- allowing students’ growth and discovery.

I actively encourage discussion with students during office hours, by appointment, telephone, and email. Furthermore, I strive to improve my teaching by seeking student feedback, conversing with peers, continuing growth through seminars, reading and new methods. Through these evaluative processes, I am continually refining my teaching and growing as a professional.

Hello? Anyone there? Bueller? Bueller? Did you even follow it? Would you hire me? Did it make you gag yourself with a credit card? Any thoughts for improvement? KIM? KIM? Please be kind..honest, but kind. Cause when I cry, I look like the Elephant Man.


Holli said...

Everything looks great. There is no reason why you would not be hired.

Scrappy Girl said...

I think it looks and sounds good. If this is the one you are worried about then the ones you aren't must be excellent! Good luck!

Scrappy Girl said...

I think it looks and sounds good. If this is the one you are worried about then the ones you aren't must be excellent! Good luck!

Jenn said...

Excellent!! Not a thing I would change about it.

hope4grace said...

Woohoo, I'd hire you....ummm can you help rewrite my resume....

Working Mom said...

I think you should add
"I big pink fuzzy heart with glitter LOVE to teach 'n' stuff."

Really, it looks great - I hope you get the job!

Jen said...

Sounds good to me. Best wishes good luck.

Treasia said...

It sounds wonderful to me. I wish you were one of my kids teachers when they were in school. It sounds as if you are one of the rare ones who does more than just teach what they have to.

Simply Me... said...

Anything yet?


Becky :) said...

That sounds pretty dang good. You are definitely the type of teacher I would want for my children. I actually think if you had been my daughters teacher she might have liked school a little more.
What grade do you teach??? There is no reason why they wouldn't hire you. That would be crazy and nuts not to.

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

Becky ~ I taught sixth and fourth grades.

Sixth was my fav...but I loved my fourth graders too.

I taught all day Kindergarten in downtown OKC with 26 kindergarteners once...only two kids spoke english...the rest only spoke was hilarious. I stunk.

Sixth graders got my humor...fourth graders sometimes thought I was psycho...the kinders loved to braid my hair.

I truly did LOVE teaching. I then became the assitant principal at my school and LOVED that...then the professional development director at the same district...then a pre school director...then I went on to work for the state dept of education in gifted educ and LOVED that too.

Each and every time I was surrounded my amazing people WAY smarter than me that took time to invest in me and grow me. I am SUPER blessed.

ptamom3 said...

Sounds like you could have any teaching job you want. Good luck with the job application! I don't know if you could give up those daily trips to the lake though and oh "Mr. Bathroom/wink wink" would surely miss you too!

Sandel said...

I recently began taking some college courses and I would have absolutely benefited from you as my teacher. Engagement is so important for me in the learning process. I love when you say "I want them to see me as a guide that launched them into their journey of continuous learning." Beautiful. Good Luck

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

Gee. CG - I think you should leave the ivory tower Ph.Ders in the dust and go back to the elem/secondary schools. It's harder for sure and you get more of the real TEACHING in those grades. My ex is a college prof and I'm sure to offend someone here but sure sounds like your talents would be better utilized at your local Twerpville school, no? Your writing is top-notch and those kids would be so lucky to have you!

Pony Girl said...

That sounds really good. Being in education, I completely get all that you are saying, and you hit on the "hot topics" and important jargon! ;) Hey, can I cut and paste some of that when I need my next cover letter? lol!! No worries, I've been at my school for 8 years and I'm not leaving anytime soon!
Keep up posted on what happens w/the position.