Tuesday, June 24, 2008

No, I Am Not The Elephant Man, I Have Been Crying

I woke up this morning and was juggling to get the kids out the door without killing or maiming anyone. I turned on the TV thinking it might mesmerize (ie distract) the Twerps long enough so I could at least throw on some cloths and more importantly some make-up. But then, then, I stopped dead in my tracks as I heard the dramatic music come forth from the TV and the majestic Morgan Freeman voice.

He started, "Derek Redmond didn’t finish in first place in the 1992 400 meter."

"He didn't finish in second..." and then you see Derek go down and cover his face in disappointment, humiliation and utter despair. I slide down the wall and sat motionless on my steps.

Morgan Freeman continued and I was entranced, "or third, or fourth." And you see Derek stand up and begin to hobble to the finish line in excruciating pain. When he can not make it any longer, when the next step seems impossible, when his world seems over, his father comes bounding out of the crowd making a beeline to his son. Nothing else is important to him, nothing but getting to his son.

"He and his father finished dead last."

"But he and his father finished."

I sat there weeping. I am talking snot flying, throat wheezing, talk screeching balling. It was more than I could handle. I have no idea how long I was there, but my daughter cautiously came up and asked if I was okay. "Of course sweetie, I have been rubbing cashews and walnuts all over my eyes. Dang allergies."

You can watch it here. But I am warning you...don't. Don't do it. It is life altering and you will look like someone punched you in the face...numerous times. I am getting choked up as I type this. Oh who am I kidding? I am weeping all over again. I just sprayed snot on the keyboard. What is wrong with me? I am SO emotional!

Then, I went to Wal Mart tonight to grocery shop. As I was getting ready to check out I realized I had forgotten the Dr. Pepper. I did not have it in me to return to the soda pop aisle so I just began to unload. Over halfway through, the cashier turned off her light and said, "I am sorry but I am closed."

I just stood there and felt my face getting hot and my eyes start to sting. I looked back to see if my dad would come bounding out of the aisles to see me through, but I realized I was on my own. "Is there anyway you can please go ahead and check me out since I have so much already unloaded?"

"No, sorry."

Then came the lump and the liquid began to flow from my nose and my contacts got cloudy and I could not stop it. I could not stop it. I was balling over a Wal Mart check out lane. A WAL MART CHECK OUT LANE! (And it helps me to repeat things, really, it does. It helps.)

Once I finally made it to the truck looking like the Elephant Man, I realize what it was. I needed rest. Rest. Rest. Rest. I needed to not think, not try to solve any problems, not try to have the RIGHT answers, not try to figure it all out. I needed to rest. So I went back in to Aisle 7...passed the soda pop aisle and got this instead. Amen.


Kim said...

Oh...I SO would have left the stuff right where it was- cart and counter and walked out!

ptamom3 said...

I would have told her your sanity was more important than her break! Her boss would of made her take you I'm sure. Oh well, I hope you enjoyed your rest when you got back and i'm sure you still looked great even with elephant parts :)

Cynthia said...

I clicked on the commercial and it came on the tv almost simultaneously. weird.
You have a fun blog. Good reading.

DJ said...

Ohhhhh, I love you!!!!
Call me!!!

J said...

Please take time to share your experience with Walmart management.


Treasia said...

A good customer service person would have waited on you and told anyone else coming up that they were closed. I would have kept unloading my buggy and she either could have waited on me or found someone who would.

Scrappy Girl said...

I hope you get the rest you need. The other day I complained to a Walmart manager because the girl at the checkout kept ringing stuff and stacking it up until she had a mountain on the little baggy turny thing. Then she looked at me and told me that I needed to put some stuff in my buggy before she could ring anymore!!! Unfortunately for her that is the second time I have been told that...ridiculous! I do not shop there to be a "bag boy." Walmart needs to stop thinking of ways they can reduce the number of employees they need. Sorry for the rant. Just a little sick of WM.

Dana Jones said...

well, it was a really touching commercial. I kind of teared up when I saw it too. But the cashier was living on the edge I'd say, She knew not what dangers she was stepping into. I mean you should really not cross a mom when she is tired, emotional or recently transplanted into an unknown place without her usual support around her. I mean, I can see it on the nightly news, "Distraught mom weeps uncontrollably while decking a WalMart Cashier, details at 6."

3SonsAreMyLove said...

If the elephant-man look is working for you, check out
My Redeemer Lives - Team Hoyt
on GodTube.com.

Cristie said...

I've had that happen to be at WalMart. I hate shopping there. They have the worst Customer Service. I've had days like that where everything seems to make you feel worse. I hope you are feeling better.

Jackie said...

Aww, it sounds like you've hit the wall. You've gots lots going on, with the move and the adjustment from working mom to stay-at-home mom. Hit the couch, grab your bottle of wine, and watch a sappy movie. The tears will flow, but you'll feel better tomorrow.

I know, 'cause I get teary when I'm tired too. Wishing you rest,
Jackie in shamrock-ville

Heidi said...

I am soooo not watching that. I cry over hallmark commercials... I hate days like that where anything will tip me over the edge. I don't think I would have handled the checkout situation very gracefully... I would have grabbed a Mike's out of the fridge (or two, or three...)

Get some rest, friend. Prayers for you today.

Becky :) said...

I watched it and I will admit my eyes immediately started to sting and the tears came to my eyes. I watched the other ones too.
And I think the wine was a great choice!!! Thanks for sharing.

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

Holy HeySeuss and Sweet Wounded Jesus - thank heavens for alcohol! That sad day chick - she needs a break - save her from being reported to Wally World Mgmt - her days was probably suckin' pretty bad already too.