Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One Little, Two Little, Three Little Indians

My Little Savages. Indiana Jones ran into Warl Mart (as Middle Twerp calls it) to buy a prize for Middle Twerp. And we all know that you cannot come out of a story with a present for one kid unless you have something for ALL kids. It is one of the Ten Commandments. Right after do not wear shoes without socks cause your feet will smell like vinegar and before don't kill. So he got Middle Twerp this bow and arrow set that has not left his side...not for naps or baths or number 2...I am just tellin it like it is. He also got Baby Twerp a bow and arrow set, but it was a little less...cool...and it broke 10 minutes after playing with it...which led to coveting...and that is also one of the Ten Commandments...don't covet your brother's stuff...Middle Twerp hid out on the hill trying to take out his siblings...This would enable more toy influx to come his way. He is a thinker.Then when the arrows would not reach, he just decided to hit the Twerps over the head with them. He is also a problem solver.
But once Middle Twerp fell asleep Baby Twerp had ninja like skills and swiped it. Another one of the Ten Commandments down the drain...thou shall not steal. I think we are in a heap-a-trouble!


Dana Jones said...

I've had a great time reading your blog and would like to add you to my list on Cabin Chronicles. That list features blogs portraying lifestyles through which I can live vicariously. Your children are precious.

A Christian said...

Hey, there! Thanks for the awesome comment... I'm glad you're still reading.

I've been lurking here and there on your blog (you have been a crazy-mad poster -- way to go!).

Congrats on your new home, and LOVE the Twerp photos, as usual.


Working Mom said...

My mom wrote the feet smelling like vinegar commandment.

And if you tell me the "in a heap-a-trouble" comment is a nod to Sheriff from Cars, I will forever be yours. It's piped in to my sons room and looped continously on a closed circuit tv system. Not really but I kind of wish.

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

Run, don't walk to the store (not Warl Mart) and buy yourself videocamera, film "Revenge of the Twerps, submit to indie film festival..and voila! instant stardom for Twerps, IJ, and CG!