Saturday, June 7, 2008

Spanish Country Girl

As we were driving home last night we ran across this little Mexican joint. Have I mentioned that I truly believe I have Mexican blood ruining through my veins? I think my great grand pappy was named Jose and gave me my love for falutas and guacamole and green sauce and sopapias and enchiladas and the color of turquoise. But we stopped by here and my soul sang, in Spanish.
We were enjoying such a wonderful outside meal with peace and quiet. The temperature was perfect, the crickets were chirping, and I was settling into a perfect evening. Then Indiana Jones leaned back in his chair and said the words that send shivers down any woman's spine. The phrase that stops every woman cold in her tracks. The topic that drains all blood from your face, makes your stomach flip and makes you have to make a sudden trip to the bathroom.
"Honey, we need to talk... much money you have been spending."GASP! I deal with this as I deal with all major issues in my life. Avoidance.
"I am sorry. What did you say sweetie?""Here have 8,431 more Coronas and then we can talk pumpkin."A few later...."I am swerious dawrlin', you have to calm dooown your spendin'.""What baby? Did you see our faces? What do you think about this? How cute is this?""Come on kids, show your daddy your funny faces." AKA -- DISTRACT DISTRACT DISTRACT!The Middle Twerp went above and beyond the call and pulled the umbrella shut on us. Now that did the trick. The conversation was off, and the festivities were on. And everyone took a much lighter tone. See, isn't this better? Now pay the bill, and give him a big ol' tip...we are NOT talking money!

What are your distraction methods? I need some new skills.


Kila said...

We're always talking about the lastest kid-catastrophe or something that needs fixing at home. Just bring up something about the kids ;)

Pony Girl said...

Oh, I just love Mexican too, it's my favorite!! I like all the funny faces, you guys are so good at getting those perfect eye twists!