Sunday, July 27, 2008

Decisions Decisions

We have some serious decisions to make here at the Country Girl plantation. Serious indeed. The time in one's life in which the path taken today will determine one's future. The type of decisions that will place in motion destiny and fate. Yes, serious indeed.

It is time for fall sports sign -ups. And we went to a little Sports Palooza yesterday to help us make the decision.
Should we go for the All American T-ball?
It runs 1-2 practices a week and 1-2 games per week. Just me, but that seems like a lot for a 4 year old.
Then there is soccer -- which I must say is huge out here. This area has a large diversity of ethnicity and I love that about this town.
Baby Twerp loves soccer. Unfortunately he is too young to sign up for any sport --
which is going to break his heart.
But Middle Twerp's soccer would run one practice every week on Wednesdays from 6-7 and one game per week on Saturdays at 9 am. I like the set schedule and I like the low level of involvement at such a young age.
But I also love the idea of T-ball and the lifetime sport....He cannot play both because the seasons conflict and we have debated and debated here at the house....
So I turn to the smartest people on earth...what do you think for fall sports if Middle Twerp can only do one (BTW - We have asked him a million times and his answer changes as often as my toenail polish)... So,


3SonsAreMyLove said...

Bend it like Beckham!

Shelle said...

Soccer. The kids are kept busy. Nothing is worse for a little kid than standing in the outfield for what seems like forever.

Train Wreck said...

As if you are'nt busy enough!! Holy cow girl do you ever stop! Iswear I don't even know why I come by here I just get tired keeping up!LOL!!

Andie said...

We've done it all at our house...cheer, football, soccer and baseball. I say pick the one he is most natural at. Something he will love and be good at. It just makes for easier days :)

travelin' nan said...

Do what we did when we had the two kid schedule conflict. We joined with our friends, and created the "Family Soccer Organization," or FSO.
We meet about six times per season, take turns providing snacks, and have a pizza party with some sort of award for the kids at the end of the season.
The kids vary in ages, and both boys and girls play. The parents play too. Well, we moms often go on and off the field to nuture a cup of coffee.
There are no fees except for shirt, one of the parents coaches, and we sub if he needs to be somewhere else.

Dana Jones said...

I think he looks like a natural at T-ball! Save soccer for the little twerp!

But I am also a fan a free time laying in the grass looking at the clouds roll by, so I know what you mean about busy schedules.

They really start training them young for sports these days huh?

Treasia said...

My vote goes for soccer. Generally all get to play, it's really active, and no one stands around wondering when the ball might come to them.

Scrappy Girl said...

I love for my kids to play sports but I HATE the constant running to practice and games. I vote for soccer based on the amount of time you have to be running around. Plus I agree...he is only 4. Also with soccer it seems like they get to play more. Foster son stood in the outfield for most of the baseball season. He looked at the ground, he looked at the sky, and yes he even danced around. LOL!

theotherblonde said...

We've always been a soccer family, but in the middle of the USA T-ball is played in June, soccer in May & September (and some June & July when they get older) so my girls did both, but that t-ball schedule seems a little gruelling for a 4 year old. Too bad he had to only choose one!

Jenn said...

Baseball is my life. Every person in my family played baseball/softball. So that's my vote. It's America's sport!

ptamom3 said...

It's always been t-ball and softball here at my house. T-ball is a lot of time but if they are like my coaches here, it's not real strict at that age- I mean if they only do 1 practice a week instead of the 2, then it's not a big deal. Do whatever he likes/enjoys the most!

Becky :) said...

Well I am pretty partial to baseball as it is what my son plays and has since he was 5. It's his passion and I love it myself. I even got sucked into being on the board.
Both will be lifelong committments whichever one he chooses. But he could play soccer now and then play baseball in the spring. At least that's how they do it out here. They have fallball out here for those who want it. But most of my sons friends play soccer in the fall and baseball in the spring.
But in our house, baseball seems to last forever. He starts in February and usually goes until July depending on the playoff games and All-Stars.
So I guess what I am saying is that I vote for baseball. :-) Good Luck with which ever one you choose.

Working Mom said...

my vote is for T-ball! i am all about sitting in left field picking dandelions!