Sunday, July 13, 2008

Don't Socra-Tease Me

So I meandered my way to the mailbox today expecting more rejection to await. Because rejection and abandonment seem to flock to me lately. I am a rejection magnet...come hither. And alas to my dismal surprise, yet another lonely letter lay in the mailbox waiting to suck all hope from my lungs. I know, I am so dramatic. I brought it in and opened it and left it unread on the table. And there it sat for awhile. Who needs to read about how insufficient I am?
But I had to open it cause I cannot stand suspense...not even a little ... like the movie The killed just about killed me dead..for real.

And when I opened it the first thing I saw was this signature. The last letter was from Rejection herself...THE LITTLE HUSSY...I like this job title better. Search Committee Chair went on to say something like this -

Dearest Country Girl,
We received your application and while VERY unlikely, there is a slight nano-chance that we might possibly want to interview you. We did receive over 120 applications and while you were one of the few out of prison, not on parole, and at least with a degree...we might possibly look at you IF you give us the following information....maybe.

In Search of A Sane Professor to Mold the Minds of the Future,
The Search Committee Chair and Table
Gosh I love hope.


Dana Jones said...

It kind of feels like when your best friend in high school whispers the cutest boy in class is going to ask you to the prom!

Fingers crossed for you!

Anonymous said...

Well, go for it! and if they don't see how great you'd be, then that will be their loss! You'll just keep being great where you're at! I'm learning that through reading your blog. Ü
Thanks for sharing your slice of life your humble, witty, and entertaining style.

Simply Me... said...

Hi sweetie, you can find those pinecones at barbeques and type in magical pinecones, and you can find thwm there! have fun...


Working Mom said...


The Kelso-Winter Family said...

hate to say it but i told you so! they are just playing hard to get!