Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rejections and Injections, They Both Suck

You know that job I applied for? The one that my entire self esteem is hinged upon? The one that I put all my eggs into its basket? The one that I will need deep intense therapy if I do not get? Ya well, I received this in the mail today. Actually I applied for three jobs at this I will have to endure this two more times.In case you cannot read it it says,

Country Girl,
We received your 8,421 page application and the 4,621 pictures you sent and we think you might need medical treatment and meds. Due to the fact we are scared of you, you were not selected to go any farther [or is it further] in the selection process because we are terrified of which personality might show up to the interview. However, [this is to keep me from becoming suicidal] if we find something that will suit your experience [i.e. janitor] you will be notified, but don't hold your breath.


After I read this, I now cannot wait to go to the mailbox everyday in anticipation of the next two letters. But, no time for these thoughts, I had to take Middle Twerp to the pediatrician for his well baby check-up. I know he is not a baby anymore, but I am still calling him that cause I need to and you can't stop me ...nope, no matter what...and if you comment anything other than the fact that he is still my baby, I will delete it cause I cannot handle that type of information in my life right now and when Indiana Jones gets back from out of town I am making him give me another baby cause I am practically lactating just thinking about it. Maybe.

But we went to the pediatrician and is it just me or do they stick you in these prison cells but only worse cause they place you in there with three kids and scalpels. This is not wise I tell you.
So we entertained ourselves. I showed Baby Twerp what he looked like when he was throwing a fit and told him I was showing his future wife this and then we would see how he would feel.
Then he gave me this and I forgave him for everything he has ever done or will ever do in his entire life or any future lives he may lead. Amen.
Then he gave me this look which brought it all back to reality...he is all boy.
Middle Twerp show me how you feel about going to the doctor.
Ya know sometimes they have to give you shots to keep you healthy and feeling well. Uhm, what is a shot?
Upon explanation, this is the face I got... Now how do you feel about the doctor... FINALLY the doc arrived and checked out Middle Twerp and I am so showing this pic in his high school senior slide show.
Then they called the nurse in for a finger prick to check his blood levels.
Uhm, what is all that stuff for? OUUUUCH.Oh cool, blood. Then comes the time for shots. And let me just say that I hate the fact that they ask me to help hold him down. I mean HATE. And I hate the word hate, but I have to use it here cause I really think it is wrong. I mean I do not ask them to do my job...and then he looks at me with these trusting eyes and then this happens...And I am all like was her ...NOT me... HOW DARE SHE DO THAT...And I act all surprised and mad and tell her to go sit in time out... Then I pick him up and give him all kinds of hugs and tell him I will never let that mean ol nurse touch him again and I had no clue she was going to do that.... and then I gasp and sigh. Then I take him here cause I feel horrible and it is raining outside cause even Hey Seus is crying over the injustices that have occurred.
And we had a blast and forgot all about the horrific injections...and rejections.


Kim said...

You can't fool me! That last pic is Baby Twerp. I think Middle Twerp was hiding in the play structure still crying, or was that you I saw hiding and crying?

Sorry you didn't get the first job! Perhaps they are just saving the best for last. : )

Kim said...

You can't fool me! That last pic is Baby Twerp. I think Middle Twerp was hiding in the play structure still crying, or was that you I saw hiding and crying?

Sorry you didn't get the first job! Perhaps they are just saving the best for last. : )

Working Mom said...

=( poor baby twerp!!! that last pic is priceless though.

and don't stress about the job(s) sista! if it's meant to be it will happen!

Working Mom said...

i mean poor middle twerp...

but BT's smile is too much for me to handle in that pic! he's just glad it wasn't him.

Treasia said...

Poor little middle twerp. Shame on you momma! JK.JK. It looks as if the end of the day went well though for everyone.

So sorry about the letter you received. Now think positive thoughts that the next one is worth going to the mailbox for.

Simply Me... said...

you crack me up you are so funny! did you find a fire pit ring yet? I have something going on over on my blog come play I think it's right up your alley :0)


Jenn said...

I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for ya!

momto3cubs said...

We just went through this also. You captured it all amazingly well! And, yes, I think he still qualifies for "baby". He better, because my youngest one is older, I think, and he's still "baby".

Good luck with the applications!

Pony Girl said...

Hey, one of the other jobs could still work out!! Don't be working on your janitorial resume quite yet!! ;)

And if they don't want to interview you, they are plain CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Their loss.
Besides, you need your own t.v. show anyway!

Marla said...

Sorry you didn't get the job, but hey that just means you can spend more time here with us :0)!!

And I can feel middle twerps pain, I have to go in at 8 am for blood work...OUCH & I HATE needles!!! Needles are the reason why I am still up at this hour. I can't get the stupid things off my mind.

CindyDianne said...

What is that university thinking? Or not thinking in this case? Don't they realize how much they need you?

No, they shouldn't make the parents hold their kids for injections. It IS a terrible thing to request really. Our youngest is all skin and bone, no fat at all. Injections are so awful for her. Poor almost 12 year old baby!

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

salutations and lamentations.. all in one day - these are the days of our lives!