Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nine Lives to Live: Number Six

I wish I had nine lives to live -- there are so many things I want to do and be. I found out this week that in life number six I would want to be a meteorologist. Why? Why a meteorologist? I cannot answer questions like these -- a can only be. I really only had five of my lives planned out until this week -- Why? Why am I planning? Well, just in case I am wrong about the whole reincarnation business. I mean if it really is real, I wanna be prepared so I can go and say, '' I have a plan.'' And because I am unemployed and have no life. But the first reason sounds so much better.

So while at the rockin children's museum this week, I was able to pretend I was the meteorologist -- complete with the teleprompter, cameras, lights, and I supplied my own make-up -- all their shades were too orange.

Now, I am bein all brave and crazy and am gonna show ya pics without any hair fixin goin on. I am on day six of vaca and have only washed my hair like...uhm, I cannot admit it to ya...and I did not think I would be in any photos so it looks awful. Please don't judge me. Please still love me. Please still watch the action news. I started off with good news...the sunshine looks so cute and the L's stood for something important, but I told the viewers not to worry about it cause in my weather world it meant lovely...lovely, lovely, lovely....I only report the good stuff.
Here I am tellin the viewers that this lovely sunny weather will be travelin all over the state which will enable shopping, swimming, and ice cream eatin...all mandatory for this week. Mandatory, I tell ya.
And if you look right over here, there is a fab mall with a new Gap and Banana Republic...go forth.And this little thang is nothing...we are just gonna swirl it right out of the pic...cause I am in avoidance mentality. I only like lovely things -- except for my hair. Amen.
PS In case you are dying to know what my other planned lives are, cause I know you just can't get enough of my mundane and insane wanna be farther (or is it further?). But I am warnin ya that it is weird and crazy and senseless and you should go do something more pleasant like pluck your eyebrows or get a bikini wax or a mammogram. Seriously.
  1. Missionary in Africa building schools and teaching students. I actually have details to this one...just call me Oprah...she so stole my idea.
  2. ER Pediatrician
  3. Writer -- newspaper or magazine or journals -- mainly bringing to light the autacities of our world.
  4. Engineer -- not like the train kind either
  5. An ESPN reporter -- cause they have the best hair and clothes and I would actaully know somethin about sports.
  6. Meterologist....

I guess I better get busy....


Kila said...

#1 sounds good to me, too!

Ansbaughmom said...

You do have your "lives" planned out. You are one interesting country girl!! Hope yall get home safe and sound-guess that storm didnt bother yall.

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

someone swirled that swirly over to hit the Texas coast instead and one up to hit Nova Scotia...that wasn't you Ms. Meteorologist was it?

Dana Jones said...

I think you should post the video. Your hair looks fine... like a mom on vaca with her twerps with swimming every other day! Relax, we're all friends here!