Thursday, August 21, 2008

Barbie is Beautiful


I have spent the past 8,421 hours trying to insert a wav. audio clip into Blogger only to realize that Blogger does not support wav. Then, I created an MP3 file to only realize it will not accept any audio file. So then I created an online account that will support html audio, but ya know what? That did not work either. At this point and time I really did not care about the file, it was a matter of winning. And I was gonna win. Oh yes, I was.

Then, I had to enable my cookies and continue to delete my history because videos would not upload. I downloaded Windows Media Player and created a video using a single pic and audio. But Blogger will not support Windows Media Player apparently. At this point and time a drank some whiskey and grew a 5 o'clock shadow. I got a tattoo to be more intimidating.
I then created a Neptune account and posted my audio pic on the web and tried to embed it in Blogger. BUT THIS DID NOT WORK.

So, below you will find the link. Click on it and it should start in Windows Media Player. If it does not, let me know. The link will only work for 3 days because I refuse to buy a subscription.
BUT I WON! After 2 days and nights of obsession. I found a way when they said it could not be done. Amen. I guess I really showed them huh?

CLICK HERE FOR HEAVENS TO BETSY! And don't you dare say, That's it? Cause I will cry.


We have become OBSESSED with Barbie at our house. Not Eldest Twerp either. If you listened to Baby Twerp's conversation with me, I think we can all agree on several issues that may require therapy:

  1. His mother's voice sounds ridiculously like a hillbilly
  2. He thinks Barbie is BIG? Oh Lordy-Be, I must be a heifer
  3. I will play this at his 16th birthday party
  4. Am I the only one that can understand the boy?
  5. He seriously has an obsession with Barbie -- a little unhealth-ily freaky.
  6. But I kinda think it is cute
  7. Please don't tell Indiana Jones
  8. He will divorce me
  9. And take the Twerps
  10. And my shoes out of spite
  11. Of course I think the Twerps is worse
  12. Kinda
  13. As long as I get to keep the Nine West Pumps
  14. I think you understand
  15. Amen.


Kim said...
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Heidi said...

So cute! His voice is darling! And before I read what you wrote about your voice, I was thinking what a lovely voice you had:) Just be glad it isn't nasely like mine!
Cute, cute, cute! The whole thing!
Have fun with Barbie!

Heidi said...

What happened to my comment????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Jenn said...

That is the cutest thing ev-er!!! I'm so in love with Baby Twerp. :-)

bakerchick103 said...

That is Hilarious!! Us girls just compete with Barbie. If it's any consolation, my 4 year old got Hannah Montana dolls for her bday, but my 18 month old(son) plays them with them more than she does. Kind of freaks my hubby just a little bit. Oh well. We do the best we can! BTW, you don't sound like a hillbilly. I live in the mountains. I know hillbillies. Honey, you ain't no hillbilly!! LOL!

Annette said...

Too Cute! Well your only option is to give Ken a call and see if he will take her back!

bakerchick103 said...

I meant CANT compete with Barbie. Typo,Sorry!

Nicole Mc said...

So funny, if BARBIE is big...well, I just give up!

the wifey said...

how adorable! and your voice sounds nothing like a hillbilly...

Becky :) said...

How totally cute is that. I love listening to him and yes I can understand him. Your voice is NOTHING like a hillbillies voice. You sound great.

How long can you keep the secret from IJ before he realizes baby twerp likes him some Barbie??

Chris said...

I can totally understand BT. You do NOT sound like a hillbilly. You sound like a cool Mom that would be fun to hang out soon as BT gets his priorities straight, lol.

The Rose Fam said...

So cute! Maybe he just meant that certain parts of Barbie are big! You have NOT heard hillbilly until you hear this Texas girl talk!

Anonymous said...

Well, the file didn't work for me, but I just wanted to tell you what I do in these cases, for future reference at least. There's a website called Zamzar here: and they will convert your file (for free, as long as it's not bigger than 100MB) so you could change it from Windows Media to Quicktime or whatever (it also converts audio). Then I usually upload it to YouTube. Photobucket holds video too I believe. Hopefully that will help you!

theotherblonde said...

First, I completely do not understand all that stuff that you did to get that clip out here. You lost me at wav. audio.

Then it was hard for me to hear over the music, BUT what I could hear sounded just adorable!

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

sorry -- forgot to tell can turn the music off at the bottom of my page...

Anonymous said...

that's it!?! Crap I'm going to touch up the paint in the bathroom...I'm out.

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

annonymous --


Judy will be so glad to finally get that bathroom painted. Glad I could help.


Steve said...

THe rude one was me.