Saturday, August 16, 2008

Family Photography

All I wanted was the perfect pic of all three children, but soon my standards started slipping.
I originally wanted the perfect pose with angelic smiles and sweet huge and family bonding oozing from the photograph. I soon digressed to just, How about just all three of us looking at the camera. Hello? Do you peeps see me over here?Okay, what about just all of us smiling? Look anywhere you want, just look happy.

Er -uhm, I should have settled for the fact that we all had our eyes open.That was as good as I was gonna get.
It all went down hill from this point forward.
Only children must be so nice to photograph.
Or maybe not. So tell me how you really feel Middle Twerp.
Let it all out.

I am stickin with still life.


Ansbaughmom said...

Isnt that how it works-the plumbers pipes leak, the roofers roof is a mess and the photographers kids wont be good models. I think the candid shots are just as good. Hope yall are having a good weekend.

Simply Me... said...

Okay, your kids are so cute! your boys looks so much alike :) are you enjoying your firepit? we had a fire last week-end and were maybe going to have one tomorrow morning, I love a cozy fire in the morning, just sitting there with a cup of joe and talking about our week ahead. I haven't seen you over lately! miss ya girl.
LaNnY :)

Laura B. said...

that's awesome! It's amazing to me that baby twerp is as big as middle twerp. In typical Southern fashion, I'm calling it now...he's gonna be a linebacker. ;-)