Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Firfday Foo Me

Baby Twerp had his choice of what to do this morning. He first wanted to open his package he had gotten in the mail from Nana and Gwan-pa.
"Yeah. Newspaper." He is so easy.
Then he noticed there were fracker and frucks. I cannot believe she got my baby such things. I kid. I kid.
Then Baby Twerp wanted to go eat coffee and pancakes. And who am I to deny him his birthday wishes? So, I took him to the Whistle Stop downtown and we ate with the Mayor. Seriously. Baby Twerp has a way of winning peeps over. I let him order anything he wanted...
Next time I am putting limits.
Cause he about broke me. Piggy.
Then he wanted to get his hair cut. He marches to the beat of a different drum.
So we went to get our ears lowered.

And let me just say I love this little barber shop downtown.
And so does Baby Twerp.
Then I told him he looked handsome.
Uhm, okay...cute?
Like a Big Boy?
Okay, Big Boy it is....


Jenn said...

How stinkin' cute!! That's fun that the barber shop has a chair for children. Makes it not so "scary". Happy Birthday to BT!

Dana Jones said...

Happy Birthday Baby Twerp! we might have to rename him BIG BOY TWERP!

He has the same affection for bacon that I do!

Hi! My name is Heidi! said...

What a fun morning! You're such a great mama! I love eating out breakfast! Hope the fun continues all day:)

Kim said...

Happy Birthday, Baby Twerp! Love the new do!

Laura B. said... twerp is gettin all growed up! He's so stinkin cute!!!

Oh...and sorry about the other day's post...I had to write it and just didn't want to name names, but since you nailed it.... ha! ;-)

*J said...

Such a cutie! Happy Birthday to him!

Marchelle said...

man i love that kid.

i would like to echo dana's love for bacon... it is my favorite food.

Becky :) said...

How stinkin cute is that boy. Just wanna squeeze him. Glad to see that smile back on his face and that he is feeling better.


Tin Man said...

Happy Birthday Baby Twerp!
Hope you have a great day. I love a man with a tractor. I hope it will fit on the yellow brick road. Maybe you will give me a ride in your wagon and haul in some of the wood I have been cutting in the loader! Does that loader go UP & DOWN?

Tin Man

Anonymous said...

Aw.. Baby Twerp is growing up.. Seems just like yesterday he would sit in his bouncy seat for hours.. he was a good baby! What happened? Jk! I love BT! I cant wait to see you guys again..

btw- Are yall done potty training?

momto3cubs said...


Happy Birthday!

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

Lady Killer that one.. he will be meltin' hearts in kindygarten.. Happy Birthday, Big Boy Twerp

Michelle said...

What a fun day for baby twirp! He can pack the food in!! His hair looks so cute! What is left of it anyway :)

Keli said...

Such a cutie!! What a great day for Baby Twerp!!