Friday, August 29, 2008

Baby Magic or Urine?

Three years ago today I was getting ready to squeeze forth this life form from my loins.
And let me just say, we almost missed it. I was lying in bed at midnight I awoke to what could ONLY be one of two things.
Numero Uno -- My water broke.
Numero Dos -- I peed to bed.
And with four more weeks to go and my belly as hard as a rock, I woke Indiana Jones up and said,

"I think it could be possible that maybe my water might have potentially broke."

He rolled over and said, "Oh."

I shook him harder and said, "Seriously, come look."

We turned on the lights and looked. Yep, it was wet sheets. And IJ started back to bed.

"Wait, we have to make sure if it is my water or pee."

"How we gonna do that?"

"We have to smell it."

IJ gave me that look and said, "We are not smelling it."

"We have too. What if I go back to sleep and wake up and YOU have to deliver this baby cause we waited to long? And then there will be a lot of laundry to do."

"Okay, fine. Smell it then."

"I can't smell it. I am nauseous with the baby and then I will throw up. You have to do it."

So, he went over, took a big whiff and reported. "You peed to bed"

I laid a towel down and went back to sleep.

The next morning I was at school walking the halls and checking on the teachers. Everyone commented how much smaller I looked. I just loved that staff.

Then, I started not feeling so well. And I went to the doctor.

My water had broke. IJ's nose sucks.

An hour later we were in the hospital popping Baby Twerp out.

I made IJ smell him. See? This is what a baby smells like. Notice, it is not urine.


Marchelle said...

i love you a million times more now that i know you use baby magic. my mom OWNS baby magic. like she is the CEO of baby magic and she vowed to disown us if our children were not slathered in it 4.8 times a day. not really on the CEO part, but she probably wants to be.

oh, and my water broke at midnight too! except i was a freaking freak show and paged the dr and went straight to the hospital before he even called me back and didn't have the kid until 22 hours later.

happy birthday baby twerp!

Jenn said...

Awww.....thanks for sharing those great pictures!!

theotherblonde said...

Happy Birthday BT!!

Dana Jones said...

awe! that's a good story! You have good stories about all your twerps! You're a good mom!

Hi! My name is Heidi! said...

I love your stories! I never got to experience the whole "water breaking thing". I was 3 weeks overdue with both of mine and had to be induced.
I love stories of women's water breaking!
Happy, Happy "Birth" day Baby Twerp!

Scrappy Girl said...

They broke my water for me because I was induced with that crazy inducing medicine. Then they gave me more crazy medicine to where I was saying weird things to all my friends and family. They let a resident break my water...nice guy...married one of my friends a few years later...little akward! LOL!

Hope4Grace said...

This is too much!!!!

Seriously, we're twinkies, and not just cause I'm totally ripping off your hair....

This exact thing happened to me, I made The Man smell it and we were in the parking lot of the commissary. He was on the ground sniffing a puddle underneath me.

He announced it smelt like candy, which make a lady nearby gag....

4 hours later, hello Princess...


Happy Birth day mom!

bakerchick103 said...

You got beautiful kids, girl. Looking at that sweet tiny thing, all snuggled up in that sweet tiny blanket, almost makes me want another one. Almost. But not quite.
Happy Birthday, Baby Twerp!

bakerchick103 said...

P.S. Oh by the way, your husband is seriouly hot. Seriously. I hope it's okay to say that.

feather k said...

Happy B-day, BT!!!! The kiddos have grown up so much! I want to see a post of ET's baby shower...I think I have some pics if you need them...Also...don't let IJ see baker's comment...he doesn't need a bigger ego...ha :)

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

more more more!!!