Monday, August 25, 2008

High Moral Standards, Ya Think It Worked?

I ran across a bunch of old family pics up in a trunk in my attic. In them I found a pic of my spinster great great aunt and her friends. None of them ever married and remained a pack of sweet dear friends their entire lives. They had high moral standards during the prohibition and looked evil in the eyes and never backed down. I actually believe some of these ladies were the backbone of the prohibition times.

I wonder if they regret never marrying or if the found delight in their solitude and band of sisters. If the sacrifice for the cause was enough to satisfy them. I guess when you believe strong enough in something in leads you to do the drastic.

Either way, do you think their stand made a difference?

Uhm, do you think this made the men run from the saloons?

PS I got none of their genes ... nope, I would have held a sign that said, "I love a good liquored lip." I kid. I kid. Kinda.

Although I think I kinda resemble the one with the hat -- I SO would have worn that hat, although they prove almost always to be a mistake, as I also think is that sign.

What would your sign have said?

PS Thanks Feather for the is really her family. I kid. I kid. Kinda.


~Mad said...

Girl! You make me scream and laugh!


Do ya think I gave myself away??

~Mad(elyn) in Alabama
(at a Baptist Church! no less)

Marchelle said...

i am the one just to the right of front & center. girl got her hand on her hip and a crazed look in her eye like she mean bidness.

no really. ever seen coyote ugly? that's me. all of em.

Hi! My name is Heidi! said...

Funny and thought provoking:)

I don't think it changed a thing. It only dictated what men stayed away from them.

Hope4Grace said...

My sign would say

"Will work for booze"

I kid.........

Even though I don't partake (only because alcohol hates me, seriously), I think it smells yummy.

Paige said...

Not a one of them looks very happy do there?

A little nip might have done them some good!

Of course, this comes from the granddaughter of a bootlegger, so there you go

3SonsAreMyLove said...

Me thinks the ladies doth protest too much...

I think what they really need (and secretly want) is for some "bad-boy, liquor-drinkin' hunk to come along and rip a bodice or two and give 'em a big ol' wet kiss.

You could probably write one of those Harlequin Romance novels from this picture! I'll be waiting at the book store :)

feather k said...

I always knew we were we have the proof :)

Jennifer said...

Those "ladies" in today's times might be wearin' Birkenstock's if you know what I mean....

My sign might read:


Dana Jones said...

I'm thinking their warning didn't cause much regret! Hatchet Carrie Nation was their ring-leader no doubt.