Friday, August 22, 2008

Mornings with Baby Twerp

Since the two older Twerps have gone back to school, Baby Twerp has been receiving the attention that he knew he has been destined to receive. If you will remember 10 short months after the vividly recounted birth of Middle Twerp, I found out my eggo was preggo. And at first I thought it was just a food baby, cause I had a big lunch -- but then that unholy little pink plus sign screamed the inevitable -- I would grow this in me....
And I was so excited. Little did I know that my game plan would have to change.

With one child it was easy, Indiana Jones and I could team up on her. And even if IJ was gone [like to Japan, hypothetically speaking] I could still play man to man.

Then came along number two. Although more challenging, we could play man to man defense. This was our game plan and it worked every time. We were all stars...[spirit fingers...TAKE STATE].

But then..then...then, the way we played the game changed forever. Our once full proof defense strategy had been penetrated and weakened to utter uselessness. We now had to play the unknown. We had to go where we had not gone before. We now had to play zone defense. And let me just tell you, I am worn out.
They say from three kids on it is all the same. The jump from two kids to three kids is the hardest. That is what THEY say, whoever, THEY are. After three is no biggie. Well call me a cautionary whale, but you think I should find out?
Cause I hear the best defense is a good offense...or is it the best offense is a good defense...or is it I want a pizza, I want a coke, I want a home run and that's no joke?


RachelD. said...

So the jump from two to three is the hardest?? This ain't good news- we recently found out that we are expecting an unexpected third. Oh, well. Cute pictures. After two very dramatic girls we are really hoping for a boy.

Hi! My name is Heidi! said...

My youngest, Courtney, had speech issues till 3rd grade:)
Happy Friday!

.Wife.Mom.Friend. said...

I found your blog on someone elses and clicked! Love it! Cute pictures! What do you mean you are at the park sipping coffe and reading???

Marchelle said...

go for #4! woo-hooo!! i'm better with even numbers myself.

and - - dont act like you didn't stalk her off my blog!! whateva!!
(country girl - she's my cousin & next-door-neighbor) =P

ptamom3 said...

I'm already waiting on the prego pictures to come... ha ha ... can you image the blogging you could do while being pregnant and the daily pics of that adorable growing belly... ahhh makes me want a 4th - NOT... You are right though the jump from 2 to 3 is pretty difficult.

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

oooh that's make TWO middle twerps.. keep an eye out on Baby T that he doesn't consume that wee one when he/she comes home.