Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Silver Sneakers Drama Part 2

It was Silver Sneaker Yoga day again and let me just say the winds of change have gone from gusting to a full force hurricane...and someone is getting renamed a Mexican man's name...Here is Margie and she is the sweetest thang in the world...and I wanna be just like her when I grow up...but blonde. And let me just say....not only was our usual hippy instructor still in her selfish vacation in Florida. Our new instructor brought her husband with her...AND HE WAS A BOY!
And those ladies about threw a hissy, cause we all know a good Christian woman would never get on the floor and do those poses in front of a BOY!
They packed up their mats and got the Hades out of there. Not me though. I ruined the whole good-Christan-woman thang a long time ago when I stopped wearin panty hose on Sunday Mornings. GASP! Just wait til I take the word "hose" out of that sentence. I kid. I kid. Maybe.


Hello, I'm a Fat Girl said...

uhm! ya! I would not be stretching any limbs in front of a sweet young thang like him either. I'd be afraid he might suffer from post-traumatic stretch disorder!

Laura B. said...

They seriously left....that's hysterical! I can't believe those good Christian women were taking yoga in the first place. All that stretching might lead to dancing! GASP!