Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gender Bias in Pre K

I know you all woke up bright and early to check my blog to see if I had posted my amazing wisdom on clarifying the issue of National Security and the Presidential Campaign. But alas, I still know nothing and Middle Twerp got a gift from Nana and G-pa's farm in southern Indiana.

And let's just say for a 4-year-old boy, this could possibly be the best gift ev-er...next to a real live python (words straight from Middle Twerp's jelly stained mouth). So he took it to share today at PreK.
And when he pulled it out of the box, there were two very distinct, very different reactions. The boys' eyes lit up and immediate "oohs, Ahh, and Cools" came roaring from their little antsy bodies. They could not wait to get close enough to touch and smell and if allowed, taste.
The girls, however, had a very different reaction.
They looked to me for emotional support and they covered their faces and shrunk away is disdain. They needed a little while to cope with this sudden surprise thrown into their world.
I understand. This is how I reacted to the birth of two BOYS! I kid. I kid. Sorta. If you are judgin me and all.
So they teacher is keepin it and laminating it and putting int he science center for years of gender reactions to come.
And I left as the girls hugged me and kissed me and wanted to braid my hair as the boys played like they were combat snakes in the corner. And YES, of course I let them braid my hair and I have some rockin french braids to prove it. Amen.


Adventure girl wanna be said...

You are the cutest~sweetest person, mom and blogger;)

Toast to Tuesday~

Marchelle said...


little girls braiding your hair is the best.

Elisa said...

Ok, I SO agree with the girls. And I'd LOVE to have them braid my hair! THAT is fun ;-)

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

and to think i believed my sociology prof. back in the day that it was all "socialization".. snips and snails....

Marla said...

That is almost as bad as the black widow pictures I post yesterday.

Nice snake, my girls would of been first in line to hold it. The had a real python on the bus Monday and yep my girls were all over it. I myself can't stand the things and they think it's a blast to give them (grass snakes) to me as presents. The last one I got was on mother's day and since my birthday is next week I'm sure they will find another one for me.

My skins already crawling just with the idea.

Unconventional Doctor said...

Your site is awesome! You are insipring! Stories are great, humerous, interesting. Love your music (i dislike country as much as a kick in the teeth)! Good to know that you look at your pooh. See, my theory was partly right!
Keep posting, I'll probably link up to your site on my blog if you're boot will dance to that toon.
I was in Muncie, IN for a while - enjoyed every minute of it - I recommend Scotty's bar and get the fried pickles w/ horseradish sauce - mmm.

Keep up the good work!

The Unconventional Doctor

PS - It's OK for kids to eat off the floor, as long as the floor isn't within 8 feet of a toilet. What do you think builds our immunity?

Dana Jones said...

that is one big snake skin. And to think the critter outgrew it and left it in one piece!

I wonder of this spawned your return to your child hood dream of the lizard?