Sunday, September 7, 2008

I Come From a Long Line of Love

Today was our 12th wedding anniversary. It is now 10 pm. We did nothing. I am so not high maintenance like that.

Did we forget? Wait, let me ask. {You are getting real time responses here people.}

Me: "Honey, did you forget today was our anniversary?"

IJ: "No, I told you the other day that Sunday was our anniversary. Did you forget?"

Me: "Obviously not, I am the one asking."

IJ: "Okay, can you get me a beer?"

I wonder if this is how my ancestors spent their anniversaries. You see, I come from a long line of love.

This is my great grandpa and great grandma on their weddng day over 100 years ago...They are on my father's father's side if you follow stuff like that and all.

Anyhoo, this is Tataw and Grandma. They lived next door to me my whole life and although they look miserable here on their wedding day, they really were lovely happy people. Marriage seems to suck all the joy out of you...even back then. I kid. I kid. Sorta. Here is my grandfather and grandmother. My father's parents. My grandmother died when my dad was just 14. I think I look like her. My daughter is named after her. My grandfather was a man of honesty and integrity and we grew up in the same small town. I was proud to share his name. And let me just say for the record this sister looks awesome in that hat. Can I get a witness?This is my mother and father on their wedding day almost 40 years ago. Does my dad look like a baby or what? And look how sweetly he is placing that piece of cake in her mouth. I was not that sweet on our wedding day.
Hola Country Girl and Indiana Jones on our wedding day. He looks scared to death, I look like my neck is straining to hold up all that hair and Aqua Net. I wonder if he is questioning if I will get him a beer 12 years from now? Too bad blogging has not been introduced into the world yet or he would have understood.
PS More wedding pics to come. Cause you all requested it and all.


Becky :) said...

I just love the pics of your great grandparents and grandparents, I love old shots like that. The one of your parents is so sweet.
And your picture is absolutely beautiful. I love your dress. I really like the first pictures with you both looking back at the camera.

Adventure girl wanna be said...

Happy Anniversary!

p.s.-yes, I have no life. Being single with my girls grown and being knee deep in the throws of obsession with blogging AND having the time a blog was updated on my blog list make me a stocker. A friendly stocker:)

feather k said...

Happy Anniversary! I am blessed to have known you almost as long as you have been married :)...I think beer is not on IJ's mind at this time...he's probably thinking..."Why do we need to take these pictures and so many of them? Why is everyone making a fuss? My new bride looks beautiful"

bakerchick103 said...

Happy Anniversary! I love the old pics, too. Keep all this great stuff coming! Seriously. Cause I dont have a life either.

bakerchick103 said...
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Marchelle said...

happy anniversary!

3SonsAreMyLove said...

Must be all the Aqua Net that has "held" you & IJ together through the good times and bad and "stick" together. :)

3SonsAreMyLove said...

PS: Maybe you could get a spot on Dr. Phil and explain the AquaNet theory. I would so watch!

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

i'm awed that you can lay your hands on such gd. quality old photos - speaking of love you've been tagged on my blog! and go check out thesandelstars blog cause she's got a challenge for all the wives out there. (hopefully there'll be a reciprocal boys challenge soon too!)

Carrie said...

Happy Anniversary Country Girl! I LOVE all of your old pictures! Those are treasures! That was fun!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated 12th Anniversary to you and IJ!!!!!!