Thursday, September 25, 2008

MASH: Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House

Okay, confession time here. I spent COUNTLESS hours as a kid playing this future-telling game called MASH. And by "kid" I am talking like older than 10; yet younger than 18. Somewhere in there. That is all I am confessing to.

Anyhoo, this was the king of all games and would tell you not only what type of home you would live in (Mansion, Apartment, Shack, or House), but also your future husband, how many kids you would have, where you would live, what you would drive, and what your profession would be. The above MASH game I found online (we know this cause I would have NEVER put Hugh Grant....Johnny Depp? YES. But never Hugh Grant) generated these results:

You will live in a Mansion.
You will drive a Jeep.
You will marry Hugh Grant and have 6 kids.
You will be an Art Critic and live in Paris.

Oooohhh. Dreamy. So, now can you see the power of MASH? That is what I thought.

I found my prom date listening to MASH. I kid. I kid. Maybe.

Anyhoo, I have spent the entire morning playing MASH online. YES! It is online. And while you lose the paper folding skills of the triangular pockets, it is much faster and FUN FUN FUN! I know, we are all praying I get a JOB SOON!

But in the meantime, you can go here and play. This was my first one this morning.

You will live in Mansion.
You will drive a VW Bug.
You will marry Billy Crystal and have 5 kids.
You will be a Professional Wrestler in Katmandu.

Professional Wrestler???? For real? Ohhh...what would be my stage name? Can my outfit be pink and glittery and have fuzzy tassels? I am gonna get the snot beat out of me aren't I? That is so not me. I am a lover, not a fighter.

So I found another spot here and played. And the results were DEAD ON! And I liked the cool sayings on this one better -- OMG! NO WAY! ROCKIN! SWEET!

You will marry Indiana Jones.
After a wild honeymoon, you will settle down in France in your fabulous Apartment.
You will have 3 kids together.
The family will zoom around in a Puffy Pink Mini Van
You will spend your days as a Professional Blogger, and live happily ever after.

IJ? Do you see this? Pack your bags and get an apartment guide. We are going to FRANCE!What? Why? Cause MASH said so....DUH! OMG -- AS IF!

Go play NOW...if you wanna... But I am tellin ya it will bring back memories. Like how I always hoped it would land on Ryan. Oh...Ryan. He was dreamy. He had a mullet. And he raced dirt bikes. Like how cool is that?

Anyhoo, play and post me your results. Maybe we can be new neighbors in Paris.


Tracie said...


Chris said...

Too funny! I remember playing MASH in 7th grade.

You will marry Never Met. I don't have a lot of crushes in my life so I put in the option of someone I have never met. I did put DH's name in there, too, though. Guess I might be getting a divorce. LOL!

After a wild honeymoon, you will settle down in Louisana in your fabulous Apartment. Misquito's here I come!

You will have 3 kid(s) together. Huh? I already have 3 currently living...does that mean I will have 3 more? Hopefully, he will be divorced with 3 kids and I can adopt his or he can adopt mine.

The family will zoom around in a white Range Rover. I get my dream vehicle, too!

You will spend your days as a Seamstress, and live happily ever after. I am already a seamstress and sewing/designing already makes me very happy. I'm half way to living my dream life! Woohoo!!

Chris said...

I have a reader confession....Sometimes I leave your page up on the computer just to hear you cool selection of music.

Lo said...

i will marry leonardo dicaprio (hey! livin' like i'm 16 again. no laughing), live in paris in a fabulous house, will have 12 kids, will wisk around town in a green maserati, and i'll be a professional sports announcer.

wow. i have a pretty spectacular future ahead!!! (tho i'll trade in old leo for my husband any day)

Carrie said...

OMG...You bring out the best of the 80's!!! I soooo remember playing this game! What makes you think of this stuff? Does it just come out of the blue? I have a confession along with Chris....I love your music too! My friend Denise was the host and we played your music one bunco night not to long ago! You were our DJ! Love those Moldy Peaches!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! I will marry Bob (my first reall boyfriend), live in my mom's basement apartment, have 13 kids, drive a mauve volvo, and work as a Travel writer.

Sign me up!!! NOT!!!!!!!

Dana Jones said...

oh so funny, I remember playing this when I was a kid. For my dream house, look at my cabin blog today. Every girl will want one!

love, Dana

Dana Jones said...

Okay, I am going to marry Steve, imagine that, drive an orange jaguar, have 10 kids and be an ambassador and live in Tuscany! wow! where do I go to start living the dream!

Adventure girl wanna be said...

You are too cute and fun!

Here is mine:
You will marry adam.After a wild honeymoon, you will settle down in wyoming in your fabulous Mansion.You will have 1 kid(s) together.The family will zoom around in a orange vw bug.You will spend your days as a national geo reportse, and live happily ever after.

Check out my thought filled thursday;)

Just The Girl said...

I must confess....I just stole this from you!! But this is so FUN!

Jenn said...

Um, soooo....I filled out all the stuff online and the results page never loaded. Is this an omen? Should I go home and lock myself inside and stay away from doors and windows? Yikes!

Elisa said...

That's so fun! The first one didn't work for me because I have Firefox, but the second said:
You will marry Ioan Gruffudd (Mr. Fantastic from The Fantastic 4).
After a wild honeymoon, you will settle down in Tokyo in your fabulous Apartment.
You will have 1 kid together.
The family will zoom around in an electric blue Ford Focus.
You will spend your days as a professional blogger, and live happily ever after.

Lovely! Though somehow I don't think my dh would be quite as excited ;-)

Christy said...

Elisa, That's so funny, I put Ioan Gruffudd, too. He's HOTT!! But anyway, I'm going to marry Orlando Bloom(I guess I have to find a way to get rid of my firefighter), We're going to have 3 kids, drive a Blue Mercedes, and live in a house in Nashville, TN, being a supermodel. What a life!!

Marchelle said...

I will marry Mr. Clean. (duh) After a wild honeymoon, we will settle down in California in our fabulous Shack. (sweet)
You will have 2 kids together. (duh)
The family will zoom around in a red Expedition. (heck yes we will)
You will spend your days as a horse trainer, and live happily ever after. (yeehaw!)