Thursday, September 25, 2008

Comb Overs Are Comin Back In, For Real

So I went and embarrassed not only myself today, but I also stooped to the new level of humiliating Eldest Twerp too. I hate to do things alone. I know. Shame, shame...everybody knows my name.

Anyhoo, I ran into Eldest Twerp's principal at school and we started chatting and then a few teachers came over and joined in our fun and soon we were a hootin and hollerin and forgettin about the fact that were where suppose to be transforming the minds of the next generation of world changers. Details, schmetails.

But I noticed no one ever looked me in the eye during our conversations, but kept looking over me. And I wiped my nose TWICE to make sure there were no chandeliers...I just did not get it.

Then I got home and looked in the mirror and noticed THIS... Oh Lordy-Be. How embarassin. Why did no one tell me?????
It kinda looks like a female version of Donald Trump's comb-over.
Then Eldest Twerp got home and I was tellin her the story and then I said, "Come and look at these pics and see why I was so embarrassed!"

"Oh my gosh Mom, I cannot believe you had a HOLE IN YOU PANTS!"
Uhm, yeah....that is what it was.


Lo said...

hahahaha oh lordy you're hilarious. i wish i knew you in real life bc i'd take you out for burritos the size of your head! :)

Jenn said...

Honestly, it's not THAT bad. :) But that's funny that ET thought it was because of the hole in your pants!

Adventure girl wanna be said...

I am screaming laughing at work cuz of the pics of your hair;)

Thanks for comin' over to my place. I cannot let anyone see me in the "dress", I looked like a puffed elephant;( Sorry, but my girls lookded gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Puts it all in perspective doesn't it?? LOL!!!!!!

Lo said...

i meant burrito-sized head as nicely as possible :)

(shh. but i'm in IL!)

Marchelle said...


that's donald trump, see? comb-over, beatey little eyes, big nose, mouth always in the shape of an O. pretty good, huh? go on, its ok to laugh...

and as IF you could look bad! what-eva gurlfrin.

Kim said...

Ummm...could that be the reason you're not getting any call backs from applications?

Kila said...

Oh, shutup, you're beautiful! I love your hair!

Dana Jones said...

Isn't it a great time in life when you get to embarrass your kids! It's payback time!

I think you look very casual and comfortable, and wind-blown... kind of like those girls in the weekend clothing section of the latest catalog... only more real.

happy Friday CG and friends!

The W.O.W. factor said...

LOL! I had to come over here and see what the "raucous" was about...and now I know!
You are a hoot!
And forget the flipped out hair or hole in the're gorgeous, inside and out!

Mama C. said...

Ppppffttt... I WISH I looked like you on a "bad hair" day! My kids play duck and cover whenever I go out with them! Ha!