Friday, September 26, 2008

Music: Lover of My Soul

Who watched Grey's Anatomy last night? Oh me me me!

Oh, and who listened to the music like it was butter? Oh me me me too.

Well, because I have no life other than to spend 3 hours in search of gas so I can go to the zoo this afternoon and to take a hitchhiker back to his car which ran out of gas, I have listed below the songs played last night on the Season Five premiere of Grey's Anatomy, Dream a Little Dream of Me. I could not find links to a couple...but PLEASE listen to these four if you can...
Jungle Drum and Another Door Closes and And Then You and Skinny Love.

Oh just listen to them all, if ya wanna.
Other Lives, "Black Tables"
Meredith waits for Derek.

Beck, "Youthless"
Owen staples his leg together. Callie asks him about the freezing procedure.

Jade McNelis, "Wins"
Mark humiliates George, then calls Lexie a coward.

Emiliana Torrini, "Jungle Drum"
Meredith whines to Cristina about how chatty Derek is. Cristina yells at Meredith to stop talking about Derek - then gets injured by an icicle.

Steve Reynolds, "Mistaken Identity"
Anna realizes that Sarabeth has been sleeping with her husband. Vincent begins to crash.

Bon Iver, "Skinny Love"
Alex tells Sarabeth that Michael is embarrassed by his situation.

The Perishers, "Never Bloom Again"
Owen removes the icicle from Cristina. Richard yells at Meredith.

Greg Laswell, "And Then You"
Lexie reads a note from Michael to Sarabeth. Meredith tells Anna that Vincent died. Sarabeth is mad at Anna for sleeping with her husband.

The Rescues, "Crazy Ever After"
Betty's confusion continues. Sarabeth and Anna tell Betty that Vincent died. Lexie comforts Michael. Alex is frustrated with Bailey because Michael's insurance has expired.

Taylor Swift, "White Horse"
Izzie tells Betty that Vincent is on his way. Bailey tells Alex to set the clock back so that Michael's insurance hasn't expired. Richard offers Owen a job. He declines. Owen kisses Cristina.

Jont, "Another Door Closes"
Izzie shows Denny her prom dress. Izzie sees Alex kissing a girl. Alex kicks the door closed. Izzie walks off in disgust. Lexie sniffs George. Meredith watches Derek pack his things.

Which was your fav?


Tracie said...

I watched a little, missed the first part and then just couldn't get into it. Which I can't even believe because I use to live & die for Greys, the summer breaks me of watching tv.

Marchelle said...

i am a ninny and forgot it was on until 10:30, so i only saw the last half hour. but thanks for the recap! i heart grey's music. they always have the best. you know a song is cool when its on grey's.

i have to confess though.... meredith gets on my nerves with her whiney woe-is-me i have daddy issues and can't commit attitude. what is wrong with you girl he is HAWT!!
i think rose is cute and he should hook up with her. i know, i'm in the minority though.

Megan said...

Oh, this makes me so happy! I have a long time, unhealthy obsession with Grey's and Grey's music. I have to say I think the Taylor Swift song has to be my fave, and I was heartbroken to see that I can't even get it till NOVEMBER. Much too long. Another Door Closes, and And Then You also make my heart happy. Thanks for this, you made my Friday music search much easier.

edie+steve said...

We must be soul sistas 'cause I LOVE Grey's Anatomy and its music. I think 9 of my 10 favorite artists I found by watching GA. I have last nights episode TIVO'd so tonight is gonna be heaven!

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

i couldn't hear them all. i admit i'm a grey's anatomy used-to-be.. so are derek and meredith still on the outs? going to see Live Jazz.. real live people playing live music tonight. i loved that Jont song bec. it played like the chipmunks...

Anonymous said...

A song that I havent heard in a long time that was on the radio the other day was John Deere Green By Joe Diffey and it reminded me of how much I like it and that I always loved it but with the new song that comes out every week it got lost I think they should put a few hours aside on the radio ang play lots of older songs.