Friday, September 5, 2008

Political Ponderings by Eldest Twerp

Eldest Twerp came home from school today with an assignment that got me fired up. I almost had to get my pom poms out from the high school valley girl era of my life and cheer. But I held myself back, and my dignity thanks me.

She had to research a candidate for president and make a campaign sign for the one of her choice.

Well, first and foremost I explained to her, we want to be informed. So I took her to the web to find out about Republican John McCain. When I came back in, she was staring at this picture...I explained to her that McCain was a lover, not a fighter.

And she informed me, "That was not true. Not only was his father and grandfather in the Navy, but he also enlisted and was a POW in the Vietnam War. He was offered an early release but refused and honored the first taken, first released rule. And he also was a MAJOR reason the surge occurred in Iraq which has lead to a turn around in the war and was even able to bring Joe Lieberman to cross party lines to support our troops. So mom, he is indeed a fighter."


Then she asked me about Sarah Palin. I told her there was a lot of controversy about her -- some thought she was inexperienced and a poor choice while others believe in what she stands for and think she is a super woman. I then told Eldest Twerp to Google her and this is what she found.Maybe I should have explained what I meant when I said super woman. We moved on.

So what do you think about Barack Obama, Mom?

I told her, ''Well, some have compared him to a superhero coming to save America."
"Actually," she said, "Obama has brought an excitement to this campaign and brought droves of young people to register to vote. He is campaigning on CHANGE and wants to see America take a new direction. He has given America hope and although inexperienced compared to most of Washington, he comes from a working class family and was raised by a single mom. He spent his years after law school fighting for the unfortunate people in Chicago. He symbolizes that if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything in America."She seriously just lost my vote as favorite Twerp. WHATEVER.

Again, we moved on. Let's look at some campaign slogans and talk about advertising. She thought this one was immature. She is no fun at all.

She though a boy must have come up with this one. I think my inner junior high boy wished he would have thought of it first. Then I sent her to her room to make her campaign sign and let me do important stuff, like paint my toenails.

She emerged thirty minutes later with her decision. Wow, honey. Great job. Tell me about why you made that choice.

I don't know. I think I might make another one tomorrow for John McCain. Ya know, so he does not think I like Barack better or anything and get his feelings hurt. {Cause you know they both read my blog and all.}
She is so my daughter.


Dana Jones said...

well, she looks cute with her poster and it is good that she is getting informed.

But I got to say it somewhere, and since you allow comments, I'll say it here.

I take issue with the phrase working class families. As though people who are making a decent living do not work. I'm not saying some people do not have a hard time and right now -- a lot of people are struggling. But even people in the highest tax brackets are working class people. How else do you think they got to where they are?

I can't stand the way the democrats make it sound like only the struggling people in our country are working.

Marchelle said...

i like the hearts and flowers

Michelle said...

She is SO cute!

heehee! loved this post!

and I also wanted to ask ~ when i post a comment here, the next day I always get like a return message type thingy in my inbox. Didn't know if you knew anything about that or not.

I know you like twitter and all (i stalk you there too) did you know you can follow Sarah Palan over there. Just saw that this a.m.

oh, well still giggling over {Cause you know they both read my blog and all.}

Michelle said...

good grief! I hit publish comment before I even read over what i wrote! So, excuse any typos and ignore anything that makes no sense!

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

dana - very good point. this is true. i will go ground et right now for using such terminology. i kid. i kid.

marchelle - is that the only nice thing you could come up with . hee hee.

michelle - you are the second person to tell me that. are all your comments still being posted...hmmm...i will check into it.

Michelle said...

hey cg ~
as far as I can tell all of my commments have gone through! if you want to see a copy of the email let me know I think it's still in my box

thecottonwife said...

She's so cute! I hate hurting people's feelings too.

And wow- you're such a good mom for spending that time with her and helping her like that!

Keli said...

I'm going to have to say that she's such a cute girl and I love her glasses! That's all....

theotherblonde said...

Wow, she's more informed than I am! (Which ain't saying much) She made a very nice poster

ptamom3 said...

I get that same message back in my in box the next day. It says something like "unverifiable mail" or something to that effect. All my comments post though- unless you delete them- ha ha ha.... :)
Cute poster- but mine would have to say McCain/Palin.

Marchelle said...

i have the same problem michelle has... i always get that error msg in my gmail inbox but i know you still love me and publish my comments.

and yes, i love ET like she was my own, you know that, but as far as the sign goes, the hearts and flowers are all that's jumpin out at me. =D

bakerchick103 said...

Hmmm. I never really noticed how much Obama looked like Frozone. Weird.

Cristie said...

I have become as intrigued with this campaign as you have. I decided who to vote for long ago, but Sarah Palin sealed the deal. I think it's great that you are educating your daughter with an open mind and not trying to sway her one way or the other.
What great parenting that is!!

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

oooh I wonder how many people SP's selection would cause to cross over. the perfect candidate for me would have been her cause she's superhuman..standing up to all the corruption and even her own party up there in the tundra..but she's got one or two hot button issues for me that i just can't cross over the line again.. i already did last election (yes i voted for bush) . but barack is soooo inexperienced in the ways of gov't..sometimes says some wacky un-diplomatic stuff that could have another country like Nkorea or Iran or Pakistan or even China pushing the button .. biden is borrring but he does have a 1/2 decent voting record in my book.. but he's snotty.. (can you tell that i sometimes go on personality too?) and i'm a giant feminist so i'd love to see a woman in the white house... what's one like me to do?? oooh i'm an old political junkie from my D.C. days and must shut up now or the error message i get will say "blabbing too long"
WAY TO GO ET - you rock in so many ways!