Friday, September 5, 2008

Ask Me ~ I'll Tell Ya

All this political talk is starting to wear me out. Can't we all just be friends? And when I get stressed, I use the medication of the gods...avoidance.

So I will be avoiding all stressful talk and moving on to something that is easier for me to talk about....The Humiliation of Country Girl ~ Through the Years.

Why there is enough material on this subject to go on for YEARS. So am having an Ask Me, I'll Tell Ya post. Cause I know there are questions that are keeping you awake at night. Of course, it coulda been that bean burrito too.

Just post a comment or email me at and I will post on these next week.

Maybe you are wondering about my Senior Prom...who I went with, what I wore, how I covered my headlights.
Or maybe you are wondering about my first REAL job. In which my hair was bigger than my salary. Or maybe the college years with my BFF and the guy I thought I should set her up with... or maybe you wanna know how I fixed my hair here? Hello? Hello? Are those crickets I hear? It will come back, seriously. I will so be there.
Or maybe you wanna know who the love of Indiana Jones' life was in Middle School.Or possibly what I wore....
when I went out dancing...Oh Lordy-Be!Or maybe you wanna know about my older brother and why I still need therapy because of his actions. Possibly IJ and CG, BC. Before Children. ???
Or my first teaching job in which I traded my Dr Pepper lip gloss in for a more mature color. I was such a sell out. Or my friend from OKC...WE MISS YOU! Maybe you wanna know how IJ use to win all the awards at his Air Force balls. I was so proud. And my dress was super hot and I could not all...the entire night. Or maybe ya wanna know my favorite sports teams....
or how I got my FAB fashion sense.
Or my secret recipes... Or my dream home...You can ask me anything, Nothing is off limits. What? What? You wanna know how much weight did I gained when I was pregnant???
AS IF! Bu-Bye


Kristin said...

I want to know about IJ. What does he do for work, what hours does he work, and why does he travel so much.....

CindyDianne said...

What does IJ do?

How might your life be changing in 8 months or so?

Can we get together next time I come to your neck of the woods?

Marchelle said...

W.O.W. Now that was fun!!!!

My questions are as follows:

Back in the day, how much Aqua Net did you go thru per week?

Is IJ in the USAF still? Is he full time? If not, what's he do all day? Oh wait, this is ASK CG, not ASK IJ...

If you would hurry up and move to your dream home, then I would come down and help you unpack.

PS - I bought some Dr. P lipsmacker b/c I wanted to be cool like you and PW. It rocks.

Dana Jones said...

I would like to know how many times a day you brush those pearly whites and what toothpaste do you use?

Cause you have pretty white ivories shining in all your smiles!

And do you use eye drops, cause your whites of your eyes are really white too. or do you photoshop all your warts off before posting pics?

Hey, that is a good idea. Maybe I should do that!

Michelle said...

First of all I love your hair in the 3rd picture and wanted it SO bad back in the day!

Do y'all plan to have more kiddos?

Do you like the south? I'm thinking that you were from out west before, can't remember, but have y'all started picking up a southern accent yet? Is it hard for you to understand those of us who were raised in the south? Like if i asked to borrow your "pin" would you know I meant "pen" When I worked in the office people from up north and out west couldn't understand what I was saying ~ even had a couple to hang up on me!

Um, let's see ~ what 80's or 90's fashion would like to see come back?

And I'll ask you the question I asked on my blog today, did you ever wear high waters?

Can't wait!

Michelle said...

one more ~ heehee

Are those Lee Press on Nails in the 5th picture?

I loved me some lee press on nails!

Thykidzmom said...

I want wedding pictures! And do you really use Aqua Net? Cause I do and it's the best. The white and pink can!

Love your blog!

Andie said...

Ok, recipes would be cool. It would be fun to know what you feed that family.

Are you in Georgia?

Your favorite list, ya know, like Oprah!

Steve said...

why does IJ always call when I am in the shower.

Steve said...

Oh and I really really need to lose weight but tonight I dine at the elephant bar!

Jennifer said...

1. Jay Leno or David Letterman?
2. What is your all-time favorite book(category fiction)?
3. What do you think of Sarah Palin?

These are the questions that keep me up at night..........

Kristin said...

Two more questions...

Are you pregnant?

What are your kids names, or do you keep it a secret for a reason?

bakerchick103 said...

Im wondering what the kids names are, too. And I also want to know if you're pregnant. And I would like to know what you feed your family, too! Is that enough questions? Cause I can think of some more.

Jubilee on Earth said...

Fun photos!!! Okay, here's my question... in the photo of you with the gal in the red at your first real job, is that a ghost in the picture? Or, more importantly, is that a ghost taking on the shape of a really cute high-heeled pump?


Anywhoo... you've inspired me to blog about politics, too. Although I'm a little more strongly opinionated. Great job on the objective reporting!


Adventure girl wanna be said...

Loved all of them. So fun!

I would like to see newborn pics in the hospital of each boy with you. And pics of Oldest twerps' first days with you.

Help me decide what dress to wear

Anonymous said...

Creamy or Crunchy? Tee Hee - I asked PW, but surprise, surprise, she didn't pick that one to answer. :o)

cb in nm

Anonymous said...

Let's all get better informed. Palin rates high on all issues.

Share and pass along as we all are lovers of the precious children God created for good and not trash.

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

smart girl, CG to avoid's your most embarassing moment to date? oooh must go read backwards (since i'm in catch-up mode) ET's political ponderings.