Saturday, September 6, 2008

Snakes, Phones, Urination, 9-1-1, and Other Random Facts

We had yet another festival in our home town this weekend. Although this time it was to celebrate food instead of the Civil War. I think we are making progress here people. However, there still was sweet tea flowin like streams of milk and honey. And I liked it.

I did not bring my camera. [I know, GASP.] Cause I thought, how much more can these people take of these festivals? And it was hot and it makes my neck sweat. And my toe is hurting and I was whining too much. But those are really unimportant details that have no bearing whatsoever on this post. But I like to share regardless of the relevance.

Anywhoo, I did have my phone with me....and let's just take a wee sec here to chat about my phone, shall we? Last month, on my way to get my brave new hair cut I went to do a quick pee stop before I got into the car and, much to my dismay, I dropped the love of my life-my blackberry- into the toilet --PREurination. I dove in to save her from her inevitable death and she is back to full functioning...except the 9 button (aka"m") does not work. Basically, if I am being pillaged, I could not call 9-1-1 nor could I send a text to "mom". But I have been making it through this tough world with my phone handicap. I am tough like that and all.

However, in a horrific twerp-filled bathtub accident, Indiana Jones lost his phone in a matter of seconds. There was a lot of chaos and emotions. I would have called 9-1-1 and all, but you know, my 9 button is all jacked up. But, after hours of work and prayer, it was not able to be revived. He, HE received a new phone Friday night. I still can't text my mom. But I am not bitter. NO not me. Not all all. I am happy for someone else's blessing. Yep, that's me. Okay, I feel a lot better about it now. Kinda.

So, as you can clearly see...I had my camera phone with me at the festival so I was able to capture just a few pics.....
That's my girl. I just love her to pieces. But what do you notice about this pic? Take a look at the woman in the background. What is God's green earth was she thinking? After I snapped the photo, I popped up with a big old smile and said, "Now what makes you think I want that look on your face in my family album for year's to come?" She laughed and her friend in the black and white skirt totally dogged her out and high fived me. And then we went on.

Then, the fate of the God's took over and a little while later as we strolled by the snake tent again, Funny Face Girl was posing for a pic with a snake. Black and white skirt girl and I exchanged a knowing glance and my ugly mug will forever be in her family album now too. I just love the fate of the God's.

Anyhoo, the entire family enjoyed our festival in our new town,
in our new state,

in our new time zone.


Train Wreck said...

Yikes! I heard scarfs are back for fall! That is a little extreme! What brave little kids! They must take after their mother! Cause I know that Indiana Jones is afraid of snakes!!!
Sorry about your BB.That would be my luck, spend the money on a good phone only to lose it in the toilet!

TheCottonWife said...

"Basically, if I am being pillaged, I could not call 9-1-1 nor could I send a text to "mom"."

Cracking UP over here!

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

you need to run, not walk, and re-find black and white skirt girl cause methinks y'all might be good partners in crime..even at uglyface girl's expense! ET looks super cute, MT too but BT's water phobia def. does not extend to snakes!