Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Remember Me, Remember Me Fondly

This is how I want you to remember me: young, vibrant, with make-up, and brushed teeth.

Instead of how I have become: still in my my pajamas, coughy and sniffly and not really awake…and taking Echinacea and vitamin C, and sleeping practically twenty-four hours a day, and I have a temperature, and I think I’m contagious!

Anyhoo, off to the doc this afternoon - me and three pus-pocketed twerps. When I first called he said he could see me in two days -- 2 DAYS! I could be dehydrated to the point of a raisin at that point and time. Oh no, my fingers are starting to look like granny hands. I. Must. Go.

PS I must apologize a million times. But if you know me, it is so true to my personality. But Lordy-Be have I gone and done it this time. It is PUS...one "s", not with two "s". Which would almost make it a feline. Which I would never say. Anyhoo, I cannot spell, but I am not a perv. Amen.


Dana Jones said...

something is different about your hair. I like it better now.

cute dress too!

I love my pajamas.

Tracie said...

Since the Dr already knows the twerps have strep, can't he just prescribe some meds?

Hope you all get to feeling better soon!

Lo said...

ahahaha! o my goodness i totally didn't catch that mis-spelling, and i am a grammar obsessor! hehe. i got a chuckle outa the 'i am not a perv' statement.


feel better!!!

Beki said...

Oh my gracious girl you crack me up!!!

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

go get yourself a pusicle - oops i mean popsicle - to soothe your poor pus-filled strepto throat..

Kalin said...

Ha! Did not catch the spelling mistake, but something didn't seem right.

I feel for you, having to take care of everyone else while you're sick, too. Yuck! If IJ is like most men, this may look familiar:

feather k said...

feel better soon...but what is the scary pumpkin, tigery looking eye thing below your right elbow?