Tuesday, September 30, 2008

No, I Love You This Much!

You know you can meet some people and immediately have a bond? You can see the sweetness glow from their soul miles away. You know their heart is pure and perfect. And, for some reason, things just come easy. They understand what you say, can finish your thoughts, and you never need to explain or justify yourself.

These friends carry you, sustain you, believe in you....make you. I have been blessed with one.

Feather and I met when we were 20. We grew up together and she is an amazing soul.

She has endured much, but is the most precious spirit you will ever meet. Today is the anniversary of one of the hardest days of her life. But this I know to be true, she survived to make the world more beautiful....especially mine.

Please go meet my amazing friend, Feather. You will be inspired.


The Kelso-Winter Family said...

thank you for sending me to feather's post. i left her a weensy comment. it got my tear ducts flowing - .. her spirit shines right through even while she's struggling with her mom's passing..... no wonder you guys are such good friends.

feather k said...

I have been blessed with such a great friend in you! I do love that we can talk about anything...say anything...know where each other is coming from...and truly know our motives...ask each other tough questions...and know our honest answer is safe...thanks for being there for me...I do love you and your fam so much! Thanks to all of your readers who have so generously taken the time to read about my story and have blessed me with their thoughts and stories...and yes, your dad is totally awesome! CG: thanks for being you and I know I can alwasy count on you for anything...including relpying to texts :) xoxo