Saturday, September 20, 2008

Six Word Memoirs Part II

Side note: I keep my promise at the bottom.
Last week we took on the challenge of writing our life's memoir in six words - no more, no less.

And let me just say, you all had me laughing, crying, and wanting to know more. Ever since I started this blog, I have been amazed by each and every one of you - your strength, your resilience, your beauty, your passion. You each truly inspire me to be better.

Paige said...
Wish I could do it over
Because it was so great or because you would change so much?

~Mad said...
Once was lost - now am found.
Oh Mad, your heart is so sweet.

Lo said...
Old soul trapped in blonde body.
You make me giggle.

The Kelso-Winter Family said...
Happy to be where I am.
I am happy you found your way here.

3SonsAreMyLove said...
Girlhood. Womanhood. Wifehood. Motherhood. Changing experiences.
You are such a strong...amazing. Thank you for being you.

Mishel said...
I was lost, now I'm found!
I am not where I need to be, but thank God I'm not where I use to be.

Jennifer said...
Jesus loves me, this I know.
Sweet. Absolutely sweet.

Beki said...
Finally able to survive without him.
Oh honey, even through all the hardships and the long road, you are where you are today because of your determination and strength. Be proud of yourself.

k8mc said...
No regrets, just live it up
Can we go out of a margarita?

Adventure girl wanna be said...
Parents abandoned me, I am resilient!
Not only resilient - that sells you short! Not only a survive, but successful and beautiful...and making a difference with others. You very presence makes people smile!

Anonymous said...
Don't condone divorce, but understand it.
IJ? Did you write this?????

Anonymous said...
Regrets, lies, deceit. God help me.
We all still love you. Sometimes life happens, but you are still a good person. And you still have choices.

Anonymous said...
They are my everything and more.
And I am sure you are theirs.

Hope4Grace said...
Successful, blessed because they love me.
You are such a strong woman. And you always make me laugh. You have challenged me to grow. We never wonder, "What is Hope4Grace thinking?" I LOVE that about you!

Treasia said...
Married four, divorced three, Love one!
Oh my. I still am snickering. You are so precious. And your trucker is one BLESSED man.

Steve said...
Country girl took my buddy away!
You can have him every other weekend and we can share holidays.

Cathy said...
I tell them where to go - police dispatcher
Still love a few of them.
My son is my main man.
CRE-A-TIVE! Can you come help me?

Crafty Hicks said...
Live, love, laugh, just being me.
Is there any better place to be.

Tin Man said...
GOD-Wife-Children-Grandchildren-My Life!
I know you oh so well, and this is oh so true. I love you dad! Thanks for making me, me.

Marchelle said...
Two kids, my husband, perfect life.
Uhm, what about your womb-mate? Tell me if it was 8 words that I would have made the cut?

Brandy said...
I'm very happy with my life!
Perfect. You are blessed.

Tracie said...
reality of life not as expected
Oh so true. But I know you make it brighter.

Laura B. said...
Grace given, not deserved - Thank you!
Laura, you made me cry. This is oh-so-true. Especially when I was paralyzed.

Anonymous said...
Everyone thinks I'm happy; fooled them.
I know how you feel. Call me. We can go have Mexican. And take off our masks.

smiles said...
Love. Laugh. Lose. Cry. Live. Repeat.
And all before 9 am at my house.

SadMom said...
wish i would have died instead
I cannot imagine. You are here for a reason. Make them proud.

Chris said...
It killed me when he died.
My 16yo son was found dead in January of this year. I don't know how or even what day it was that he died. I will never be able to find out so I will never know. I have to learn how to accept it and live with it for the rest of my life. How does a parent do that?

Chris, I am sending you hugs right now. I love you so much. Zach would be so proud of you. He is still very much a part of you. God seems to always pick his prettiest flowers first, huh? You are so amazing. Keep smiling, he would want that.

Doris said...
want to do it all over
Oh Doris, I wanna hear your stories.

Michelle said...
I have been blessed with much!
Your beautiful heart is one of them.


Okay, how can I possibly go after those? You all are AMAZING! Here are some I thought of, none of which I like:

At 32, finally realizing I'm beautiful.
Good intentions. Poor actions. Don't judge.
Never been lazy. Just like naps.
Love Life: Lipgloss Lattes Laughter Blog.
I'm a lover, not a fighter.

I struggled with these all week trying to think of SIX words for me. I think I finally can sum it up for you:


What do you think? What SIX words describe me?


Marchelle said...

that totally sums you up.

and for the record, mrs. teacher, this was a very hard assignment for me. i can talk someones ear off if i want to, and only limiting me to 6 words is almost cruel and unusual. i almost put "six words? not enough for me."
so yeah, if it were 16 words it would read: "Two kids, my husband, perfect life, found Country Girl, like so totally even more perfect now.

{big hugs and lots of prayers for chris and sadmom.}

Paige said...

I don't know you well enough to do one for you yet.

Mine--"Wish I had to do over"--mostly it has been GREAT. The only thing I would change is not living in fear and insecurity, which I sometimes do. I would try to BE as confident as people think I am. I have a wonderful life, I always have

Sarah said...

Sorry I'm late with mine. I had trouble, must agree "six words are not enough for me" either. But while reading these mine came to me. I hope it only fits for a while & that a rewrite is in my future, here it goes.

"meant for more - wanting, wondering, waiting"

I have felt God trying to speak to me but between static on the line & dropped calls - I'm still un sure?

Thanks CG that was fun, I always so enjoy keeping up with you & am glad that I stumbled across your blog.

Chris said...

It totally describes you. It is exactly how I feel when I read your blog.

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

your support for the commenters is priceless. for chris whose son died, maybe suggest a group called Compassionate Friends - they are a nationwide support group for parents who have lost kids in many ways. I've counseled many parents who've found CF helpful.

Sandel said...

ok CG,this was a great blog. Love it!!!!! A bit challenging but it was definitely eye opening. Gee, now I wonder how would others sum up our lives in six words if we were gone.

Jennifer said...

This fits you to a TEE! (another 6 words)

You crack me up.

Lo said...

wow, i just have to say cg, you rock. seriously! taking the time to address each and every person who sat their butts down and thought about what to write... that's very sweet and makes me love reading your blog even more. and your twitterings bc they make me laugh!! you are such an inspiration for me to stay positive. thank you for always making me smile, even when all i wanna do is cry in my nonfat latte.

Dana Jones said...

geesh, I missed so much in two weeks!

Treasures By Brenda said...

Your page is beautiful. So many lovely quotes and your music was perfect! Won't you visit my six-word memoir page Your Life Sentence ~~ Six-Word Memoirs or Quotations and leave me your quote? Thanks, Brenda

Adventure girl wanna be said...

I love what you wrote after everyones. Thank you for such sweet,sweet comments after mine. It made me happy.

I like all of yours but my two favs are: the last one and never been lazy, just love naps! Me too!