Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sophomores, Mexicans, and Goats -- Your Typical Morning

  1. These are the girls I mentor every Sunday night.
  2. Unfortunately I do not know what the word mentor means, so we just talk.
  3. Poor, sweet girls.
  4. They use to be so good.
  5. They are both sophomores.
  6. I loved being a sophomore.
  7. I had really big hair.
  8. Please don't judge me.
  9. I also loved the color mustard.
  10. It was like my fav.
  11. Along with anything neon.
  12. And I was still not allowed to wear make-up.
  13. You could have not stood in my coolness.
  14. Cause you would have been on the floor laughing.
  15. I love fresh flowers in my house.
  16. Not like roses.
  17. But like daisies and wildflowers.
  18. It is more my personality.
  19. And Indiana Jones thinks they are a waste of money.
  20. And I tell him fresh flowers in the house increases a woman's sex drive.
  21. And he let's me buy two batches.
  22. Just cause he loves me.
  23. I never call recipes by their God given names.
  24. Cause I think it is boring.
  25. So like BBQ chicken is Messy Finger Lickin Chicken.
  26. And Spaghetti is octopus' tentacles.
  27. And chicken wings are pigs' feet.
  28. Don't ask.
  29. This makes it difficult for my children when they order in public.
  30. But life as my children is going to be difficult.
  31. I am just trying to prepare them.
  32. I am makin this Mexican Chicken Soup tonight for dinner.
  33. I am naming it Hot Mexican Cook Makes Hot Mexican Soup.
  34. And I know I am not Mexican.
  35. But I always wanted to be.
  36. And this is my make believe word.
  37. So I figured I could do it.
  38. And this soup is EASY and CHEAP (not like me) and so so so good.
  39. And I think I might make it now.
  40. And then take the family to McDonald's.
  41. Cause I am a giver like that.
  42. And just for the record.
  43. I have checked on the goats.
  44. Multiple times each day.
  45. And I fed them.
  46. And they still kinda freak me out.
  47. But they are fine.
  48. Well, as fine as two goats living with four fraternity boys can be.
  49. PS I wanted to get to 50 so


Lo said...

my husband will forever call flowers a waste of money- but trader joes has bouquets of fresh totally original and colorful flowers for as cheap as 4 bucks!! now how can a woman turn that down?? i try to tell him, buy me flowers you get a present yourself (wink) but he just doesn't seem to grasp it. sigh.

Marchelle said...

Mamacita, you have to share that recipe with us too!

You are makin me less ashamed to bust out my old school pics.... one of these days...

Adventure girl wanna be said...

You are so funny!
I cracked up on #2-Unfortunately I do not know what the word mentor means, so we just talk.

Christy said...

CG, you're so funny. You light up my life. And fill my day with song!

Laura B. said...

Ha! Spiral perms live and the mall claw shall never die!!!!

I loved the 80s....

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

someone warn those sunday night girls that it's CG that is mentoring them. they think they have some sort of normal southern mom as a mentor. do they know what we know??