Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

I was at the store the other day and found a telescope that was 80% off. EIGHTY PERCENT OFF. I just love me a sale. I thought it would be a great birthday present for Eldest Twerp so I snatched it up and hid it.
Came right home and hid it somewhere no one would ever look -- under my shoe drawers. But alas I did not plan on something.Oh when is her birthday you ask?
As in two more months away.And in the meantime Baby Twerp has takin a liken to playin dress up with my shoes.
And when he found this "pirate telescope," he could not wait to show his sister.
So we did not fight it. We stayed up late, sang Happy Birthday and opened up her present.
Then Middle Twerp jerked his head around and ask, "HEY! Where's the cake?"
Oh Lordy-Be. That kid never ceases to amaze me.

And for the record, I could see the stars better from this position than with that telescope.I guess that 80% off should have been a clue.


Dana Jones said...

I saw the cake thing coming! Maybe middle twerp and I have something in common there!

I had a similar thing happen when I was dating my DH. I bought him a new guitar for Christmas but didn't have the extra $$ for a new case, so I thought I was so smart to hide his new guitar in the old case. Surely he wouldn't pull his guitar out in the few short days before Christmas arrived! Guess what?

He was thrilled, but I missed the expression on his face. He still thanks me for it though!

Marchelle said...

yeah, 80% off, that might be a clue. but i understand. you can't NOT buy it.

does it mess up the results when i vote for a different 80's song each day? cause i love em all and i cant pick just one.

Keli said...

Why can't we ever have secret hiding places! Ugh! Tell that boy to stay out of the heels! haha! But it ended up being a fun night and that's what matters!

Laura B. said...

Yup...leave it to them boys to unearth all the "secret" places we girls have.

Great deal though and looks like they are enjoying it!

Michelle said...

I love star gazing!

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

note to Eldest: that 80% off tele is turning into a family present so you insist on your very own come November!