Monday, September 15, 2008

Up Next: National Security and Giggles

So here on this politically savvy site, we are addressing the issues of this presidental campaign at a level Country Girl can understand. Now I realize to 99.8% of Americans this is elementary my dear. But for all those first graders out there that read my blog, we shall be dicussing our Top 5 Issues of this election.

Last week we looked at Issue #1 - The Economy and broke down the difference in tax plans between McCain and Obama. We also looked at a graduated tax rate vs a flat rate...words I did not even UNDERSTAND until last week. But thanks to you my dear friends and my lover, wikipedia, I have made a decision on The Economy and which plan reflects my thoughts and values the most. So, THANK YOU DEAR SWEET SMART READERS! These are the reasons I love you peeps.

Now, together we will look at our TOP 5 Issues, which are {in no particular order}:
  1. The Economy
  2. National Security (which will include the war)
  3. Energy
  4. Education
  5. Health Care

But before we begin our discussion on National Security tomorrow, let's review...shall we?

First. Lordy-Be. I am a HUGE Saturday Night Live Fan. Like so much bigger that anyone else ev-er. Like I dated the producer of SNL and had his babies...little Friday and Sunday Nights. And I own a condo on the SNL set and they are all my BFF's and I am on their Fav Five. For-shiz. {Name that SNL character.}

Anyhoo, when SNL opened for this season's permier this weekend, regardless of your political views and policies and ambitions and support, I think we all peed our pants. What? Just me? Seriously? Well, it was just a little.


Ho ho hee hee ha ha giggle giggle snort. Oh that was so good. And Tina Fey...priceless.

So get your panty hose pulled up, your spanx adjusted and your mascara on...cause tomorrow...National Security. But first, off to find out what the Bush Doctrine is...I kid. I kid. We all know I am really going to put on lipstick. So you can tell me from a pit bull. Oh my, am I on a roll or what? I betcha just can't wait until tomorrow, huh?

Feel free to help a sister out with any info you have that might possible help me make one coherent intelligent sentence for the post. Amen.


Kim said...


Any news from the CB?

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

kim...nothing...i am thinking about shooting my friend an email is still posted, but the oldest posting.

it will be 2 weeks tomorrow.

Marchelle said...

omgosh i didn't watch it - that was HI-larious!! tina fey is DEAD ON!!!!!

Adventure girl wanna be said...

Thanks for being our informer! I love it;)

P.S. CG- I got the job! Yippee!

ptamom3 said...

Thanks for sharing the video- I didn't get to watch it on the tube... that was hilarious.

Adventure girl wanna be said...

No way! The AHA in your town. What position? They are a great organization. Very professional.

I can't get this video to work on my computer! I want to watch it so bad;)

lauren said...

ooohhh lordy that was SUCH a priceless video. Tina Fey did a kickass Sarah Palin. oh man. i'm still laughing here at work.

Adventure girl wanna be said...

I am just realizing, da, the Georgia thing!
I lived in Lawrenceville, GA and loved it. I love the south, but especially GA!

Paige said...

Well that is Penelope, from SNL. I too love me some SNL. I miss Ed Grimley something fierce though--what a classic!

bakerchick103 said...

I am so loving this clip. I feel the same way you do about SNL, I love it!! My favorite show ever!

Anonymous said...

new here; but enjoying what i have read so far. you are a hoot, and i came here from Ree's blog...amazing, it's like the domino leads to another, leads to another...i just got so damned tickled at the "cigarette butt" thing, I had to take a gander here.
I hope you have a great day!

It's gorgeous here in East Texas.

Ruth Ann

Anonymous said... are a beautiful family! precious kids and a most handsome couple!

Anonymous said...

That was the BEST SNL skit of all time! I cannot believe that she sounded just like her! Tina Fey is awesome!

Anonymous said...

That was the BEST SNL skit of all time! I cannot believe that she sounded just like her! Tina Fey is awesome!

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

my sis in law said tina fey would make an excellent sarah..BEFORE the skit..ooh clairvoyant she is! here in my new country and new time zone SNL is on sooo late so i missed it live! fave quote" "gliding in on a sled dog with your tina fey glasses!" she has SP sooo down you'd think it was her! ok..on to national security for REAL