Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Cleanse Continued

Well, yesterday's post of confessing all the demons gallivanting around in my closet was liberating. It was like lifting a large Coach bag filled with lip gloss and various designer shoes from my shoulders. Kinda.

But due to the freedom and liberation I feel, that can only be compared to that of our founding fathers as they declared our independence from the British in 1776, (I have no clue if any of those facts are correct. I am not a historian. I am not into details. But I love onion rings.) I have decided I wanna keep on this path of cleansing.

My mom told me about a gastrointestinal 3-day cleanse. I did enny-meeny-miney-moe and chose to blog instead. Gross. Anyhoo, I have a complete lustful obsession with jellyfish. And I know it is awful to love something that is poisonous and deadly and painfully yucky -- I know this love is wrong -- but how can something that feels so good be so bad?
I never meant for this to happen...but he seduced me with those long legs and fluid movements. He glided right over to me and said, "You must be tired because you've been swimming through my mind all day long."

What girl can possibly resist that? You know you are dying here too. But back on up girlfriend, cause I saw him first.
And then I batted my eyelashes and he swam away. Tease. He has no clue what he does to me. But I use the excuse of my children to go see him. It is educational and all.
So yesterday afternoon, we packed our bags and headed over to see him toss his hair and swim so confidently through the steamy waters of love.
I have no clue what I just said there. But it made me hungry for crab legs. I think I might be two timin' him with the Alaskan King Crab. He is royalty and all. How can a girl resist?


Marchelle said...

mmm.....alaskan king crab legs... a whole pound of 'em. with lots of lemon juice.

i heart those big blue jellyfish aquarium pics. they are da bomb.

Beki said...

If this girl doesn't get to have crab legs for her birthday I may just sit down on the floor and cry!!

Lo said...

BWAH HAHAHAHA!!! *sputter gut laughter cont....* you never meant for this to happen... That will get me through until I can get my coffee this morning!

Paige said...

the pics are awesome! I hate a jelly fish as they remind me of squid, which is one of only two things that make me pee myself

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

Holy Mackerel, CG! Looks like y'all had a hali-but time. Your gelatinous man looks like the lover-boy type and not the life-threatening poisonous variety...but in case in your amorous state you get a mouth sting, have your vinegar handy! (your mom was right that vinegar has 101 uses.)