Monday, October 13, 2008

The Forty-Eleventh Civil War

We took a little walk downtown in my new town in my new state in my new time zone this weekend. And by downtown, I mean we stepped out our front door and then BAM we were there. That is how it rolls in my new home, in my new town, in my new county, in my new township, in my new state, in my new region, in my new time zone. Amen.Anyhoo, as we were walking along things started to seem a little strange. But nothing I could quite put my finger on.Off to my left I saw this fine young man running through the field next to our new house in our new town, in our new state, in our new time zone. Have I mentioned that? Anyways, I waved. He did not wave back. Punk.I marched right over there to let him know he should be mindin' his manners and all in the presence of a lady (YES, that is me!) but these two men yanked a knot in his tail before I could ever get there.And Lord only knows what this poor honey child did.
Probably forgot to say please and thank you. They are the magic words ya know.
I am guessin this fine fellow left his underwear on the floor....again. IJ be warned. Soon, I was able to put my finger on what it was that was a little off ... just as Middle Twerp entered the enemy camp.We were, ONCE AGAIN, reenacting the Civil War. And all the peeps around here use the word "reenacting" very loosely.But it was soon obvious to us, the Civil War was not the only war we were obsessed with reenacting.
The British were also there.
And I was so super stoked! Cause I totally KNEW this guy. But as I yelled out "Paul Revere. Paul! Paul! Over here." He just ignored me and shot me this look. He also picked up this gun. Whatever. "Where is your horse, Paul?"Then there was this Scottish guy. And I immediately felt a bond with him. I also play the recorder! Amazing.
And I was TOTALLY into those socks. Cause I kinda have an outfit like that and all... I ran home immediately so I could show him my Scottish attire.I was so bummed I did not have the coordinating socks. It must have been Bloomingdale's. Sigh.
And then there were the Native Americans.
Who I could also instantly relate to. I was all like, "Hey! I am from Oklahoma too! Amazing, huh?" She did not respond. But I was totally okay with that. Cause I could not even stand in the presence of her cool necklace. Is it not the best?Next we moved right along to the big toothpick people.
And they all had silly hats. In which I could have told them would have been a mistake. If only they would have consulted me.
But the Twerps listened to their stories.
Cause they did not think I knew what I was talkin about.
And they enjoyed themselves to pieces.

Everyone enjoys something different at these things. Eldest Twerp loves to get her face painted. I think she tries to disguise herself so no one will know who her mother is.
Some peeps like to get a little shut eye.
Some like to enjoy time with the soul mate. This seriously made me cry...Precious.Some like to throw sandinto the unassuming eyes of smaller spawn. Not to mention any names or anything.
And what is it that I like to do? How do I like to spend my time at these festivals? Like you even had to ask. And Baby Twerp just came over to randomly show me some love. For no other reason other than because he loves me unconditionally.
And that carmel apple was calling his name. Twerp.
But at the end of the Civil War...we still lost.
But we don't talk about that down here.
We will just try again next weekend.


Jenn said...

I envy the fun times you have. The South seems like such a fun place!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Very cute story. Love the pictures.

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

i hope they know you are lover and not a fighter! i'm sure the South will rise again..uh..maybe next week..

Anonymous said...

Me, too. I hope they are reenacting the Civil War or something cool while we are there. In fact, I looked at the website this a.m. and guess what the schedule is posted. So, for those of you that thought "hope they don't post that schedule until it's too late for them to get a flight" -- too bad. It's up and we are there. The first full week in June, as in perhaps May 31 to June 6. So plan vacation time from that new job of yours !!!! (oh, and don't forget to find me a Civil War going on that week !!!)

Thykidzmom said...

I just love the hand holding pictures! Precious!

Sarah said...

Looked like a fun day, my kids would have loved it. Not sure who had more fun you or the twerps? That makes me think of the Georgia History Timeline event at Reinhardt. My husband went there, so they send us all sorts of stuff (mostly wanting money ) oh well. I think they already had thiers, so I guess we missed it.

Christy said...

That looked like so much fun! And I got a little teary eyed over the couple holding hands, too. That's where I want to be in about 40ish more years.

~Mad said...

The South IS a fun place - we are just "looser" down here!

I love the old folks' hands and the picture with ABe is priceless...

~Mad(elyn) in Alabama

Marchelle said...

i love the one sign - THE civil war - as if we would possibly confuse it with a different civil war..

and "we will try again next weekend"... i totally LOL'd. classic.

i need to come visit you because i am a history geek and gone with the wind is my FAVE movie of all time. i do love me some civil war memorabilia.

Lo said...

o my goodness i just LOVED stuff like this when i was a kid. there is this place in Pennsylvania where they have actual 'dwellings' from that time period, and they rebuilt bunkers and houses and o my goodness i just adore it. not to mention the salem witch museum?? how cool is that??

you remind me a lot of my mom. she was amazing too :)