Sunday, October 12, 2008

Make Believe World Part I - Please Vote

Okay, due to the fact that I have no life...I often sit around and live in my make-believe world. Today, the Mr. Roger's trolley came and took me off to Interview World. Ya know, that thing you have when people actually WANT you and think you could ADD VALUE to their company.

Anyhoo, although my phone is not ringing off the hook...yet; I want to be prepared and ready for when it does. Yep, that is me...I am not being rejected...God is just giving me this time to PREPARE! Yeah, that is it. Totally!

As soon as I figure out which outfit to wear, the phone will start ringing off the hook. I am just sure of it. Amen.

So come help me decide between these FIVE options.

OPTION #1 -- ALL BLACK ANN TAYLOR SUITThis is my all black Johnny Cash look. It makes me feel tough and like I could break out in song at any moment. Although I WOULD NEVER. Probably.OPTION #2 -- ANN TAYLOR SUIT AGAIN BUT WITH SOFTLY BUTTERED CREME SHIRT
This is the exact same suit as Option #1 with the stitching around the pockets and collar, but with a softly buttered creme sheer blouse underneath. I think it makes it POP more. Like pop rocks...except not in your mouth. But other than that, the exact same. Pretend I never said that. OPTION #3 -- GEORGIOU MAKE MY HIPS LOOK BIG SUIT
Okay, please do not vote for this. I do not want to wear it. It makes me hips look big. But for those of you who think I need to wear a SKIRT instead of PANTS. Please weigh in here. I need you.OPTION #4 -- PIN STRIPED BANK INVESTOR SUIT
This is the oh so subtle pin striped suit with a canary yellow shirt underneath. OPTION #5 - GEROGIOU CHOCOLATE DELIGHT
This is a chocolate suit with the same buttery creme blouse and the ever so cute pleats in the skirt. But it is brown and I do not feel okay with brown and an interview. Of course, we could always fall back on this? Lordy-Be! What was I thinking? Chadwicks is ALWAYS a is pink and navy plaid. I hide my face in shame.
So help a sister become prepared:
  1. All Black Stitching
  2. Black and Buttery Creme Stitching
  3. Make My Hips Look Big Skirt Suit
  4. Pin Stripes
  5. Chocolate Skirt Suit
Whatcha think?


Sarah said...

I love #1 but #2 would be better for a job interview. For the record #3 does not make your hips look big.
Good luck, we'll miss you while you're at work. I just hope that you don't get fired for blogging on the job. You need to get a job for a computer or internet co. so that your blogging can look legit.

Bekah said...

hmm i disagree. I happen to like chadwicks(not that suit per se),but then again, labels mean nothing to me.

Option one. either shirt i think.

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

i vote for 2 and 5..and the last one if you're interviewing with a wild woman! you can get away with anything! you look mahvelous and will knock them out with intelligence and savvy!

k8mc said...

#1 or #2...

J. Leigh Designz said...

I actually love #3 on you! If I had legs like yours you wouldn't get me OUT of a skirt LOL! I like #2 the white softens everything just a bit. The first one is so black you could go to a funeral on your break LOL! Good Luck!

Dana Jones said...

this is easy.
Black ann taylor with the buttery cream blouse. It looks the most professional without folsom prison blues coming to mind.

BUT, not that you ever would use your female powers over men to secure a job, uh hum, no we do not do that because as you say... we are good Christian Women, but how could any man not hire a woman with legs like yours in that brown skirt. But, what if the interviewer is a woman? She might scorn at your little show of legs in jealousy.

So, I'd go with the black pant suit. Unless you know if the company is a strictly business attire only, then the pants would be too casual for an interview.

Am I clear about all this?

I'd scrap the pink and blue plaid and maybe make a quilt out of it or something.

Scrappy Girl said...

I like #2...very "I'm ready to take your business to new heights."

#3 is nice too...I hate you for the "hips look big" remark...LOL

Burn that last one. Period.

SondreLyn said...

I like #2. I also like the b/w picture on the table. Your mom? Great pic. Love the hair!

CindyDianne said...

Black and Buttery Creme Stitching - classic, sophisticated and I like slacks for interviews.

TeamG - News said...

My vote is #1 or #5. Always remember, which one would the short brunette lady with red clickity-clack shoes at a particular agency in OK want to see you in and you KNOW that's the one you gotta go with. :) #5 for the first interview and #1 for the second interview.

Treasia said...

Myself I prefer the look in the skirts.

Lo said...

#2!!!! fo sho. definitely. i LOVE the little details of the sticking on the seams- it really kicks it up. it's professional and simple, which is what you WANT for a job interview so that they notice YOU not your pink plaid suit (which looks dangerously close to grandmother Chanel. yikes.) and they keep their focus on your face.

and the pants are long enough on you- you seem to have super long legs and i know that's a pain when buying suits!!! that one is the perfect length w/your heels.

Linda said...

I'm partial to pants myself. I stopped wearing skirts years ago. Cankles.
In my opinion; #1 is too black.
#2 the collar stands out too much
#3-I agree. The jacket needs to be longer.
#4 is my favorite
And #5 only if you are interviewing with Chadwicks.
Break a leg!

Tracie said...


Cathy said...

The black one with the butter cream.. I always go for the black..

Jenn said...

The black and buttery cream stitching. Adds a little pop and isn't too much black.

Jennifer said...

#2 and what were you doing up so late?

ptamom3 said...

#2 for sure if you want to look more professional, love the buttery cream top with it.
If you want to dazzle them with your legs, then the brown skirt for sure.
Good luck!

Marchelle said...

2 or 4

i like the black suit look. can't decide between the pin striping and the stitching..

just do eeny meeny miny moe.

thedomesticfringe said...

Black with buttery stiching and butter cream shirt. Looked great. They should hire you to run the company!

edie+steve said...

Definitely Johnny Cash. Walk the Line. Cry Cry Cry. We're going to Jackson. It Ain't Me Babe. Ring of Fire. You get my drift. All black. All Johnny.

haffnewie said...

#2 is my favorite, but I also like #5. But the biggest deciding factor from all of these should be which one do you feel comfortable with yourself in?
I happen to like #3, and don't think it makes your hips look big at all, but I didn't vote for it because you would not be comfortable in the interview thinking about how big your hips look!!
And I would have to say... what hips?
Anyway, good luck!!!

Marchelle said...

PS and totally unrelateed to interview attire....

yes, uncle trixie is my sister. she's not a tranny or anything, the boy just assumed she was an uncle cause that's all he had, she was his only aunt.

that is, until my bro marries katie (who is uncle kitty) next may. and yes, she babysits my kids.


PPS - how tall are you? you look like supermodel tall in these pics!

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

marchelle -- i am 5'7"..but with my 3" heels I am 5'10" ... I wish I was 5'10" without heels...sigh

momto3cubs said...


Jenny said...

I like option #2 the best.