Friday, October 17, 2008

My Fav Food, Sweet Family Time, and a Lesson on Sharing

Meet my weakness. The thing that makes my knees buckle and my stomach flip flop and my hiney tingle. I love myself some greasy burger with onion rings.
These peeps take forever to order. I have no issues whatsoever. I want an onion burger with a large order of onion rings and a Dr. Pepper. Also a side order of badonka butt, saddlebags, chicken wing arm flab, and a small spare tire. But this place has the BEST onion rings known to man kind. And I DO NOT like to share. You looked at the menu too Bud. Too bad, so sad that you chose the fries. What-ev-a.
So when I look over and see this atrocity occurring before my very eyes...
I give him 2.1 seconds...
to hide the evidence and promise it will never happen again. Or else I will pluck out his toe nails and burp my onion burger and rings in his face. I kid. I kid. Probably. But don't test me. And I can whoop up Spiderman too for some onion rings. But we love this place with its nostalgia
and Uhm, exsqueeze me? Are you drinking my Dr Pepper? THAT IS IT! I am kicking your butts to the curb.
Depart from me you workers of iniquity.
I know you not!
Nobody puts Baby in a corner.


SondreLyn said...

Eat some onion rings for me. They are my fave! I haven't been to Johnny Rockets in YEARS!

Sarah said...

Oh! Now I'm hungry. We love to go to Johnny Rockets (when we're near one), my kids have to have a shake. We don't have any good burger places like JR's in small town usa. Sometimes I do miss the "big" city.

Christy said...

Im really showing how backwoods redneck I am, because I have never heard of Johnny Rockets. Yea, I know. Anyway, we do have Sonic, and I love me some onion rings from there. But dont make too much fun of me, okay? Have pity on my poor soul.

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

do you think they have a johnny rockets betw. raleigh & goldsboro?? cause i'm trying to think when we stopped in one..we got the onion rings and a big malt...but i was so hoping for Dijon mustard.. call it FRENCH country food. They serve ice cream that they call malts' here at the hockey game but they are NOT malts... i wanted to return mine with a 'what the heck is this' on it? but i was civil...this once!