Friday, October 17, 2008

Schoogie Tutorial 101

I love this squirt.
But squeezing a little schoogie and some loving from this Twerp takes some skillz.
But I got myself a set of skillz. They were on clearance at Service Merchandise. So I got the schoogie stealin and nunchuck skillz. Buy one -- get one 1/2 off and all. And they threw in a free piece of the Berlin Wall. Sweet.
Just watch me at work here, "Ya wanna give momma some lovin?" "Come on. Just a little. Ya know ya wanna. Come on."
"Puh-leeeeeaz? Purty puh-leaz. I'll buy ya a candy bar."
"See that was not so bad was it?"Takes notes and learn from the master.


Lo said...

Now that's some good luvin'

Marchelle said...

i'd steal some luvin from that twerp.

the boy is standing here next to me as i read this (and i know its 10:31 pm - dont judge me) and he says "mommy is that me? is that me mommy? mommy? mommy? is that me?"

i said "no... silly! that' twerp...???"

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

good thing BT doesn't know how much you covered him with kisses before he could protest! the girls are probably already standin' in line!