Saturday, October 18, 2008

Super Nanny Needed...Maybe

Okay, this is one of those posts that I need to ramble -- so I know what you are thinking -- COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than how I normally post. Cause normally I am very factual and just stick to the well-researched details and keep it short and sweet.

Yep, that is me Mrs. Serious Short and Sweet Pants.

But anyhoo, when I have a million thoughts swarming through my head - which is like always - I have to talk them out. And since we have established my lack of anything that would possibly come close to resembling a friend here in my new house in my new town in my new county in my new state in my new time zone, I must once again turn to my true and faithful blog friends. I LYLAS!

So, since I have no job offer...yet, I think it is completely sane and reasonable to start to plan my entire life around the possibility that they are like possibly maybe could offer the job to me...Wednesday afternoon. And since this is my make believe world and I make the rules -- I say Rule #11 is I need to plan cause I am gonna get a job offer this Wednesday afternoon. It was in the fine print, that is why you didn't see it and all.

So since it is a rule and all and I am a law abiding citizen, I start with tackling out the details of this plan -- and I, OF COURSE, need your help.

Child Care Center vs Nanny

Okay here are the facts and nothing but the facts ma'am...

Eldest Twerp -- $0
Middle Twerp -- $0
Baby Twerp -- $62 a month for MDO

Child Care Center
Eldest Twerp After School Program -- $35/week= $140 month
Middle Twerp After Care Program -- $75/week = $300 month
Baby Twerp Child Care Program -- $170/week = $680 month
TOTAL $1120 I am a rounder, so $1200

Arrive everyday by 7 am.
Leave by 6 pm
Pick Middle Twerp up everyday at 2:15
Meet Eldest Twerp off the bus at 2:30
Take Baby Twerp to speech one day a week for an hour.
Option to continue Mother's Day Out from 9 am - 1 pm for 1-2 times a week.
TOTAL $1500ish
  • Plus I would be willing to give her our current car if she needs reliable transportation and carry only liability insurance on it for her.
  • Plus, I would pay her if we took off or a holiday.
  • Plus I would still pay for Mother's Day Out 1-2 times per week which equals $150 max. This would give her a 4 hour break a couple times a week.
  • Plus, she would only have Baby Twerp until 2:15 everyday

Pros and Cons

Child Care Pros
  • Reliability -- no sick days or late to work or stuck in traffic.
  • Trust -- Middle Twerp is currently at the school and I LOVE IT.
  • Educational -- They use a curriculum I am familiar and comfortable with.
  • Socialization -- Baby Twerp will be around other kids and in a social setting.
  • Speech -- Baby Twerp will be subjected to continual speech and language acquisition.
  • I will be taking Middle Twerp there every morning so this will not be an additional stop for Baby Twerp. It is the same center.
Childcare Cons
  • No care when school is out or on holidays
  • Exposure to sickness and disease and the word butt.
  • Not able to just "let him sleep in"
  • ???

Nanny Pros

  • Someone in the home
  • One-on-one care
  • No extended hours at child care -- at home
  • Someone to become a part of the family
  • Could be a little late or ask her to also do night time care if we are out of town. (Of course, we would compensate.)
  • Can just come home at the end of the day. No childcare pick ups.
  • Kids can come home and settle down for the evening.
  • She can start supper and drink my Dr Pepper.

Nanny Cons

  • I do not know ANYONE well enough. It will be an interview and faith.
  • She could blog all day and pay no attention to my Twerps at all....Oh wait, they are use to this.
  • Sick, car trouble, vacation, etc
  • Trusting my kids in a car with her.
  • She is basically a stranger.

We used a nanny in OKC and we LOVED LOVED LOVED her....she was fabulous. She did not provide any transportation and we knew her and her family VERY well. She also cleaned my house...and I LOVE HER FOR folding my underwear. Thanks Cass. But this is a different situation.

I interviewed two nannies this week and we WILL NOT be using them. As I told one about Baby Twerp's one-hour speech class she asked, "Will I have to stay the whole hour and wait on him?"

Uhm, he is a THREE year old going to speech. Not a 15-year-old you are dropping off at the mall. Buh, bye.

The other girl wanted to know if we would provide her with wireless Internet and a gas card. Which the answers are yes, but that was HER FIRST question...not how many kids, or their ages, or names or nutin. Like we say in Louisiana Bayou.

There it all is. What do you think? On top of all of this we will need someone who can stay and watch the kids when we are both out of town. Ideas? Thoughts? Judgement?


Jenny said...

I am a 35 year-old mom of 3, and I am a nanny for a two small boys. I go to their house every morning, I clean while they nap, I take the oldest to preschool daily and pick him up, and if asked I do put supper in the oven for the family. I know that the boys are getting way more attention than they would at a sitters or daycare. I appreciate your problem of being new to the area - I have known the family I am with for practically 30 years.
Maybe you could use an agency to help you find a reliable nanny - I personally would recommend someone that already has children and knows what they are doing. All three of my kiddos are in school, so it fits my life perfectly. I know if you were to ask my employers they would tell you a nanny is the way to go.

Thykidzmom said...

Are you able to stay home until they are all grown? I pick that one if you are. :)

k8mc said...

I can't tell you which is best for you since I don't have kids. But I have actually been a nanny before, for 3 kids, the youngest of which was severely disabled.

I like the sound of childcare center because of the socialization, but I also believe some kids are better off when they have more one on one time.

Should you choose to use a nanny, make sure you have a contract and provide all details up front..feel free to email me if you have questions!

ptamom3 said...

Only you will know what is best for your "twerps"...I would definitely have to know the nanny a while before I hired a stranger- even with references! Maybe once in your new job a while you will find someone who knows someone, etc etc... that you would then feel comfortable leaving them with. Take your time on this decision- it's a biggie and your children's upbringing is so important- as you well know!
P.S. If you were a little closer- I'd do it :)

Lo said...

I am a fan of the nanny service idea. But Absolutely have to get the right feel. Keep interviewing and if the time comes and you haven't found the right one day care isn't the end of the world. I'm a stay at home mom who was in day care growing up. It isn't the fact that you stay home with them the matters most, it's that they know you love them. Mommy has to have something too. And I'm not talking about selfishness. If this is your dream job or you want to work, going after your dreams is an important thing to teach your kidlets. I love staying at home, but I also know I'd love to work. Going with your gut on the childcare is the best answer. You'll feel it when it feels right! Aren't I wishy washy =)

Lo said...

btw...I tried to do my hair and curls like yours and my hair actually jumped off my head and told told me they would have none of it, jumped back on my head and promptly fell flat! I'm so sad I got told off by my HAIR!

Dana Jones said...

I could come there and be a live-in nanny and teach arts and crafts after school, and I love baby twerp already and I think eldest twerp is the coolest girl on the block and middle twerp and I, well, we can adjust cause I'm sure he'll like my homemade choco-chip ice cream sandwiches... and I can fold your underwear too! Do you like them in halvesies or thirdsies?

love, dana and ps good luck, I'm crossing my fingers for you!

Kim said...

Two words...okay three

1. AGENCY!!!
2. NANNY CAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What about finding a retired lady - a sort of grandma? Hmmmm? Probably a little too Mayberryish thinking! : )

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

I know a few moms in Houston who have nannies and the nannies have a little club of their own and the kids socialize with each other. Interview, get recs, and most of all TRUST your instincts. .I don't think you need to stay home 'til they are grown. You could benefit from a job and they will too. It can work. Pullin' for ya!

Sarah said...

It's hard to say each has pro's & con's as you know. I'm a former nanny now in my 30's with 2 children of my own. I cared for 3 kids, one with downs, it was by far one of the best if not the best job I ever had (the oldest is now a freshman in college oh my!)

You need to go with your gut, if motherhood has taught me anything it's to listen to my gut & forget what everybody else thinks.

A contract is a must, how much time she is allowed to ask off for, how far in advance. Where she can & can't go with the kids. Anyone that gets a 2nd interview take her & the kids to eat lunch & then a park or something. See how she responds & interacts with them. Or have her spend an afternoon "babysitting" and watch how the kids are to her leaving. Do they want to see her come back. Did she do anything extra?

Plus you may want to weigh what you will earn vs what you will pay for the kids care and the amount of time that it leaves you with the kids. That's when I came home I didn't make enough after it all was said & done. (I only worked part time, but still)

Good luck! You will make the right decision I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Contract? I am sure glad I didnt have that! I wish I could be your nanny! Your twerps are the greatest!


Jackie said...

I would personally choose the nanny. Look, the people at the childcare center will be strangers, as well, KWIM? They will be watching many more children, and you know they are making barely minimum wage, so it makes me wonder what motivation do they have to love your kids? Most people I know with nannies love them, and the kids form special bonds with them that last forever.

I wouldn't worry about the socialization. Your youngest will get it in school soon enough, and there's always the negative side to socialization like fighting, name-calling, etc. that I think kids are better prepared to handle when they're older.

Go for a latina. Most hispanics are great, great, great with kids, and you'll kids will learn a second language while they're at it.

Good luck on the job!

A Perfectly Unperfect Girl said...

Ok, here is my advice. Whenever possible, I believe that in-home child care is the best. Whether that be a babysitter that you take your children to or a nanny.

I do not have any children of my own, and I do not think that it makes a difference. I have worked in a day care before, and I have been a nanny, for a few families. I am currently watching one child in my home.

I would never work in a day care again. I do not believe that the children get the one on one attention that they deserve in a day care.

You seem like an awesome person. You seem to have respect for people, just by your list of things that you would provide a nanny. I loved being a nanny, for at least 3 out of the 4 families that I worked for. Personalities need to mesh. Without that, you are doomed.

Follow your gut instinct, it is the best tool that you have.

BTW, I love your blog. You make me laugh out loud. Good luck with your child care situation.

edie+steve said...

I hesitate to comment at all on this subject. I gave up my job as a family doctor a year and a half ago to stay home full time. It's been quite an adjustment in many ways and I only worked 20 hours per week. I had a nanny who was absolutely wonderful in every way. We all love her and still keep in touch with her. If I had to work again, I'd definitely go that route but since being home, I realize just how much I had missed. I wish I could have the time back. Noone is equipped to love your kids like you. With four kids ages 6-18, I can tell you that my kids need me more the older they get....not less. It's such a hard decision. I'm praying for you. It sounds like your opportunities are exciting. I have a great respect for working moms.

Marchelle said...

i have no advice.

i am a basketcase myself right now, crunching numbers to see if we could afford for me to just stay home yet... you know, ME - "Working Mom" - the one who wanted "adult interaction"......

somebody slap me please!

Linda said...

Just chiming in my two cents.
I have no children. I have an issue with people in my house when I'm not there. In my humble opinion child care and house keeping/cooking are two entirely seperate jobs. That said I still like the child care option better. Socialization and education are always a plus. And there are more eyes watching...for every thing.

Alice said...

I see you are overloaded with great advice already, but I have to give this one...OYK... on your knees...just ask God. He always gives me sound advice, if I listen. I'll be keeping you and the twerps and hubby in my prayers.

Becky :) said...

I'll do it!!!!! :-) I just love your kids, from what you have said.
And I'll even do the sports thing too!!!! :-)

I really do hope that you find someone, I think the Nanny thing sounds so much better from your pro and cons list. And I can understand the worry to find someone who will love and care for your kids just as you would. Try an agency and I do agree with the Nanny cam too if you feel you need to.

But I'm still willing to move out there. :-)

Anonymous said...

My Princess:
I agree with a previous comment.
Nanny cam
Older but not too old
maybe a different culture person

You will hear the still, small voice (and I don't mean YT)

Love, Your Queen

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

becky, when can you move in? do you want the spare bedroom or you wanna live on your own???

Steve said...

I like your kids, your cooking, and i like basements. Plus I love the trees and hills. When do I apply? Oh would there be room for 4 others and what does teaching pay in your state?