Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Girls

Meet my group of girls I spend every Sunday night with.Why? Why would I spend every Sunday evening locked away in a pit of teenage hormones and drama? Because Treza is from Estonia, which is like in my mind the same as Russia...she was adopted and moved here 5 years ago. She is braving a new world and missing her orphanage and her old teacher. She teaches me to brave and face each new day like it might be my last. Treza inspires me.
Where else would I rather be?
And Heather. Oh sweet Heather. Who teaches me that even when we may be in the hardest situation possible -- like an inner city school filled with gangs -- we can still be true to ourselves.
Heather teaches me you can change others without being changed yourself.
Heather fills me with hope.
Where else could possibly give me this?
And dear sweet Hannah. Who takes everything so seriously. And wonders what the world would be like if others did not care and take responsibility. She wonders what she can do to make a difference. She prays that she is ready for whatever comes so she can make a difference for others.
How can I imagine anything braver?
These girls inspire, motivate and teach me. How could I wish to be surrounded by anything other? I love em to pieces.


Lo said...

You are a good person who delights in the sweetness of life. Thank you for the privilege of letting us have sweet glances. You are one of my favorite daily reads =)

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

I bet they wouldn't rather be anyplace else but with you. what a blessing for them to have you in their lives. Can Heather marry my son in about 10 years?

SondreLyn said...

What a great group of girls! Every girl needs one, and every girl needs a great teacher/leader. (I know my 17-y-o daughter ADORES hers!) How wonderful that you are providing that for your girls!

Dana Jones said...

Cat, you are so sweet to love on these hormonal teenagers! And they are so lucky to have a kind and fun adult to share their Sundays with.

We all love you and that is no secret, but I have donned you with the "I love your blog" award today at Cabin Chronicles. You may pick it up and post it if you wish. (Scroll to the second post)

Have a sweet day!

Marchelle said...

you ROCK!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time on Sunday nights.