Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Sultan Of Swat

Eldest Twerp is really starting to get into the swing of things. This softball experience has made her stretch out and try new things. It has made her enter a world of sweat and vocabulary she has never been exposed to. And her momma is just trying to keep up. I have been home every night burning the midnight oil, studying the great plays of the past, and learning the new plays of the game. And this, this my friends....has opened the door to a level of embarrassment Eldest Twerp has never known.

I try not to be a hoarder of knowledge, I am a giver like that and all. And I see it as my responsibility not only to this team, but to all pass this wisdom on to the next generation of softball mothers. I am gettin a little teary eyed here. For example, ET was up to bat this week and looked to her dear old (metaphorically speaking here) mom for wisdom. After three hits, she'd been in somebody's hen house. Finally she took a swing and hit one through the hole. As she rounded the hot corner...she dug in and set her sights on home plate. All her team came out to meet her at home plate and congratulate her. I saw this as the perfect opportunity for a little lesson. I had them all gather around and I began my riveting explanation of home plate.

Home Plate is known by several names: 1. home; 2. home plate; 3. dish; 4. home base and 5. plate. Home plate sets the cornerstone anchor of the baseball diamond.

It is a trapezoid shaped configuration which is a one piece molded white rubber mat.

It is 17 inches wide measured across its front or leading edge and is 8 1/2 inches deep from the leading edge, and then an equilateral triangle having two equal legs of 12 inches forms the tail of the plate.

The plate being one piece but designed by an 8 1/2 inch by 17 inch rectangle buttressed against a 12 inch by 12 inch by 17 inch equal leg triangle.

Any questions?I think we truly bonded.Next up came a little Skip the Ball to the Catcher action. Again, what a perfect moment for me to once again gather the girls round and have them sit on the edge of the bench in complete awe of the knowledge I was about to impart.
You see girls, contrary to popular thinking and belief, there is never an instance in a baseball game, whereby a ball should be thrown so high and hard that it sails over the head of the player awaiting the throw.

Young unseasoned baseball players think it macho to show how hard and far they can throw the ball. When a player makes a throw like this the baseball talk coming from the coach may not be good for delicate ears.

Throws coming from an outfielder to home plate trying to cut down a runner headed home like a run-a-way locomotive is when this usually happens.

The only thing accomplished by such an errant throw is they will throw the ball away and the run scores unopposed. A catcher as the defender at home plate is flat in the way of a freight train headed his way. Always remember help your teammate, play fair, throw that ball so that it skips and bounces right into the catcher’s lap.

Now the catcher has an even chance to handle the throw and prepare for the impending train wreck with the big feller barreling down the base path headed to home plate.Yes, that is me...passing the torch of wisdom on to the next generation.
Seriously, how lucky is ET to have me there to be a lamp into her feet and a light unto her path?


feather k said...

I am so glad you are broadening you knowledge of sports...Let ET know that I am so excited for her! She's doing AWE to the SOME!!!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

I came over from Pioneer Woman. ET must be so "proud" to have a mom with such a wealth of baseball knowledge at her disposal. I love this post.

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

hang on ET. i'll save you from the knowledge imparter..(hee hee)