Sunday, November 30, 2008

And The Winner Is....

Last week I gave you all a challenge to make a difference in the life of someone else. I wanted to hear your GENEROUS spirits tell me HOW YOU COULD BE A BROTHER LIKE THAT.

Your entries were amazing and I somehow narrowed it down to SIX entries. There are a few things I am horrible about in my life...spelling, hiding my feelings, geography, and DECISIONS. I just can't do it.

So I did what I ALWAYS do when I have a big, life-altering decision to make. I turned to you...and I made you vote. Cause I am a loser like that and all. And I had my stomach in knots and I was up all night and I had diarrhea. Okay. I lied about the diarrhea, but I thought it added some Jr High drama.

Anyhoo, I added a VOTING POLL at the top right of my blog. And this is what YOU ALL DECIDED....

Michelle - Homeschool Family (22%)
Kyleigh - Domestic Violence (21%)
Annette - Animal Shelter (17%)
Jubilee on Earth - Needy Mom (16%)
Cynthia - Groceries (15%)
Jennifer - Kidney Cancer (7%)

How Lordy Be -- talk about a close belly is churning like CRAZY. So I see no other alternative than to call it kinda like basically mostly pretty much like a tie. So....DRUM ROLL PLEASE...

Michelle, You have a $100 VISA headed your homeschool family.

Kyleigh, You have a $50 VISA headed your way for your neighbor.

Annette, I know $50 won't buy much dog food, but you have a $50 VISA on its way.

Marie, Your heart is amazing. Thank you, and hopefully a $50 VISA will help a little more.

Cynthia, I wish I could be there when you surprise your gorcery girl with a $50 VISA.

Jennifer, I hope the $50 VISA on its way brings a little hope to your friend.

Please email me your mailing addresses to
I will get your cards in the mail this week so you will have plenty of time to play Santa.

I know how much each of these ladies warmed my heart. If you would like to join in on their GENEROUS hearts, you can read their stories below and most (Jennifer and Annette -- let me know if I can post your email) is linked to their website so you CAN ALSO GIVE TO THE FAMILY of your choice.

Each of you make me a better person. Thanks for reminding me of what life is all about: OTHERS!

I love you all....go forth and make a difference. You already have.




Michelle said...
I would mail the visa card to a wonderful homeschool family with a precious son who is gravely ill. The father lost his job in May and they are an amazing example of how God is moving in their lives. Throughout all of the craziness, they maintain their faith in our creator and it's such a blessing to me. I would love to give something back to them. You can read about them yourself here
If you are visiting their blog for the first time, you can click on the link on the right that will catch you up to speed.Great idea, CG! I hope you get some great entries.

Kyleigh said...
Actually just yesterday an event happened in the small town in Texas that I live in - about 350 people small. Basically the dad beat the crap out of the mom several times a while back. The mom moved out with the kids, trying to start a new life. The dad went to her new house just yesterday and beat her up again. They live close to the school so the school was on lock down, he was in the street with a gun. It was crazy. This time she was not so lucky. She is in the hospital right now fighting for her life. She has a couple of kids in school here. I would buy them some groceries for Thanksgiving or give it to the mom for Christmas gifts. I pray she makes it.

Annette said...
The effects of the bad economy have really been showing up here. We have a animal shelter(no kill) here that is privately owned an operates on donations and what the owner can do on her own. a while back someone broke in and stole all of her dog food that she was hoping to last for a few months. Over 1200.00 worth, so then she had to start all over and is barely making it. 100.00 would buy several bags and maybe some treats as something extra for Christmas!. It seems like everyone always helps out charities that provide toys and food and that is great, but a lot of times our furry friends are overlooked. I love animals and our two dogs have been a part of our family for 11 years. I feel lucky to have them and wish we could handle more. So that is what I would do with 100.00. Can't help it, just a sucker for sad puppy dog eyes!

Jubilee on Earth said...
That was a really, really cool story. One thing that I want to remember is that EVERYONE is my sibling. My hubby and I just donated $250 to a gal in my church small group. I barely know her, and I didn't even know her last name. But she broke down and asked us to pray for her because her heat got shut off. She has kids, and she needed $400 total. She thanked me profusely and was so surprised that we would do that when we didn't know her. I think (I hope) that she has her heat turned back on now, but I am quite sure she is struggling to buy gifts for her kids. I would love nothing more than to donate that card to her. In fact, if I win, I'd just eliminate me as the middle man and ask you to send it to her. You are awesome! I love hearing the compassion in everyone's stories. Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving!~Maria (over at Jubilee on Earth)

cynthia said...
i have always wanted to unexpectedly purchase the persons' groceries ahead of me in line at the grocery store...that's what i would do!

Jennifer said...
I would give the gift card to one of the ladies that used to work at my daycare. She no longer works at the daycare because she has kidney cancer and is undergoing chemo. The cancer is especially hard for the family because she is raising her 3 grandchildren because her son drives a truck and isn't home much.


Dana and Daisy said...

you are very generous Country Girl!

feather k said...

Congrats to everyone! CG, thanks for doing this and being a blessing to these folks...may all the needs of the recipients, those who nominated and you be met...

Marchelle said...

you are amazing!

Michelle said...

Wow! I was away visiting family for Thanksgiving and I come home to this! Thank you so much. I can't wait to send your visa card to this family. I know they will use it wisely. Thank you to everyone who voted...and thanks to Brandy for withdrawing your cause for mine. I know the Lord will bless you all!


Jenn said...

Awesome CG!

super tweaky mel said...

You are so generous! I must say WOW! too. I'm glad that these people all over will be receiving such great help in times of need.

A wonderful idea Country Girl!!

cynthia said...

this is awesome!
i can't wait to do it and i'll be sure to tell you what happens!


Sarah said...

Wow - May God bless you & your family. And the gifts that you are giving.

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

Here's a quote that applies to you, and your generous spirit CG! "In the midst of [the Christmas rush], may God jump-start our souls with renewed hope and gratitude."