Sunday, November 2, 2008

My 20 ipod Songs, Now I Need Your 3, and A Partridge in a Pear Tree

I have been in a rut with my music for really the past six months. Listening to the same songs over and over again. So this last Friday, I did a purge. I sat down with a bottle of whiskey and started the gutting of my ipod.

What kind? John Daniels. He may be Jack to you son, but when you have known him as long as I have... {name that movie}

I kid. I kid. About the bottle. It was only a pint.

I kid. I kid. I was just a glass.

Shew. I am on a roll here.

Anyhoo, after the painful deletion of my precious songs, I started fresh and anew. And here are the 20 songs I re-added, but all the rest shall be new. NEW NEW NEW songs. That I have not listened to on a normal basis in the past.

So, I need your help. I need you to give me your TOP 3. The TOP 3 songs that you could NOT IMAGINE LIFE without.

Below you will find my 20 - now I need yours...

If you had to clean out your ipod tomrrow and could only keep 3 songs...What would they be?

Never Tear Us Apart INXS

Superstition Stevie Wonder

What'd I Say Ray Charles

Breakable Ingrid Michaelson

With or Without You U2

Hallelujah Jeff Buckley

Anyone Else But You Moldy Peaches

I Will Follow You Into the Dark Death Cab for a Cutie

Dancing in the Moonlight Van Morrison

Mr Brightside The Killers

Ain't Nothing Wrong With That Randolph, Robert, and the Family Band

Trouble Over the Rhine

Vienna Billy Joel

Gotta Have You The Weepies

Sign, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours Stevie Wonder

Ten Days Missy Higgins

Blister in the Sun Violent Femmes

Space Cowboy Steve Miller Band

Livin on a Prayer Bon Jovi

Thunder Struck AC/DC


Thanks to you marvelous, wonderful, beautiful, wise-beyond-your-years angels, I have now added:

Mercy Duffy (Seriously CindyDianne - I am in LOVE!)

Beautiful Thing Sister Hazel (Feather, I have all the rest.)

Fall For You Secondhand Serenade (Scrappy Girl - goosebumps I tell ya, goosebumps!)

So What Pink (Makes me wanna spike my hair and wear combat boots.)

Say John Meyer

Fallin In Love Landon Pigg


Dana and Daisy said...

Well, I tend to listen to music until it is just as old and stale as the bottle of wine I cook with.

But one song that always makes me smile is Brand New Key by Melanie.

It makes me think of when I was a kid and a brand new pair of rollerskates was all I wanted.

brainella said...

For better or worse - here are my three songs...
Fear Sarah McLachlan
Ventura Highway America
Venus Bananarama

k8mc said...

OOH me first?!

1. Don't stop believin' - Journey
2. Say - John Mayer
3. No One - Alicia Keys

Scrappy Girl said...

So What by Pink (when ya want to dance around singing na-na-na-na)

Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade (Totally singable romantic song)

It's Tricky by Run DMC (For your inner 80s rap artist)

feather k said...

It is too hard to choose only 3 when you have over 400 in your IPOD...But I shall try...

Sweet Child of Mine GNR

Beautiful Thing Sister Hazel

All out of Love Air Supply...

CindyDianne said...

Hey! You got to keep more than three!

1. I Can Only Imagine - Mercy Me.
2. Sunday in the South - Shenandoah
3. Mercy - Duffy

Man, that was difficult.

Tracie said...

I just couldn't do it. Limit myself to 3. I have such a variety, that it really just depends on what mood i'm in to what I listen too. Late 80s rock, early 80s pop, 50 & 60s,country, the crap the daughter listens to since she is the one that loads my ipod(okay some of it I like)

Anonymous said...

You made the right choice with being blonde. It is very classy on you. How dumb someone should tell you gray. Jealous I say. You and your family are beautiful. I love how you helped the elderly couple. Those qualities are rare. People do not stop and care enough. You go CG, love your blog.

Treasia said...

Sorry but I don't have any songs for you right now. Maybe later on. I just wanted to let you know I tried your recipe you had posted about "Hot Mexican Soup". Ask me how I liked it? OMG woman it's to die for. I just posted about it on my blog. I hope it meets with your approval?

~Mad said...

Okay, Don't Laugh.

Old stuff - but I must always have:
(If I am only allowed three!!)

1. Puff, The Magic Dragon -
Peter,Paul & Mary
2. Gabriel's Oboe - YoYoMa
3. Sweet Little Jesus Boy -
Mahalia Jackson

~Mad(elyn) in Alabama

(who has over 2000 songs on her iTouch and couldn't really part with any of them.)

Dana and Daisy said...

thanks for the encouragement, and I was up al night making my new blog. Come by and see me when you can, A Cat in My Lap.

I know, a very thought provoking title.
love, dana

Amy said...

1. I Will Love You
by Fisher

2. Ain't No Sunshine...
by Bill Withers

3. Love by Grace
by Lara Fabian

Kalin said...

Ooh, this is tough.

Right now I'm going to have to go with:
1) "Steal my Sunshine" by Len
2) "Stay Beautiful" by The Last Goodnight
3) "Just Dance" by Lady GaGa

These three always get the endorphines flowing for me!

NeaCakes said...

These are my latest crushes.

Kindly Unspoken by Kate Voegle

That's when I love you by Aslyn

I'd rather be with you by joshua radin

Christy said...

Okay, it may be a little late for my 3 but here they are:.

1. Call My Name by Third Day
2. Ocean Floor by Audio Adrenaline
3. Set Me Free by Casting Crowns

Hope you like!

Robin and Robin said...

You need to add some Aerosmith PLEASE! Robin and Robin

edie+steve said...

Dear CG,
Seems I'm late to the party but I'm so excited to tell you some of my favs. Only 3? Are you trying to kill me?
1. One Headlight - Wallflowers
2. Wishlist- Pearl Jam
3. Downpour - Brandi Carlile
It's all I can do to restrain myself....I'll probably enter again!

Anonymous said...

Just read your twitter. YEA! You were rooting for TTU! I am a TTU grad!! GO TECH - FIRE UP! Incredible game, no?

cb in NM

feather k said...

So glad I could help! :) more Sister Hazel fave is Everything Else Disappears...I know I could only do 3 but there's no charge for the extra...

Marchelle said...

A. i could never pick just 3.
2. i do not own an ipod. don't judge.
D. edie+steve - wallflowers? one headlight? hello!! how did i totally forget about that song?? i LOOOOVED that song back in the day! i am so adding it to my playlist on my blog right now. and if i had an ipod i would put it on there right now too!

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

i'm so impressed you can pick your 20 right away but you are so quick like that and all. here's 3 you haven't heard of
1) any of Mark Kelso's songs - he's on itunes or
2) Angel from Montgomery - John Hiatt
3) September - Earth Wind and Fire
ask again in 2 mins. all but #1 will change

Anonymous said...

I am consumed with Eva Cassidy right now

1. Somewhere Over the Rainbow
2. Autumm Leaves. (Whey can't I spell that word)
3. Fields of Gold


Beki said...

The Lighthouse's Tale - Nickle Creek

It's The Only One You've Got - 3 Doors Down

Gotta Be Somebody - Nickleback