Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fick or Feat

So Halloween brought some interesting challenges for Country Girl's family. You see, this little Twerp came home from Pre K all rip rearing ready to go Trick or Treatin so he could say this new little chant he learned on the playground,

Trick or Treat
Smell My Feet
Give Me Something Good to Eat
If You Don't
I Don't Care
I'll Pull Down Your Underwear.
And as luck would have it, this Twerp who cannot even remember to put on underwear BEFORE he puts on his pants, picked this little chant RIGHT up. Oh happy happy joy joy. My cup runneth over.And this little precious angel was just calculating how to drop these little Twerps cause they were seriously gonna slow down and hinder her candy monopoly plans.
So as soon as we possibly could catch these spawn of ours,We threw them in the truck to have a little talk before we went Trick or Treatin. I explained how although certain things can be funny and silly on the playground or with the family, it can be rude and hurt other people's feelings. AND UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE WERE WE TO MENTION UNDERWEAR OR FEET at any time during the evening.And if I heard those words come from ANYONE"S mouth. I would take their candy and give it to the other siblings. That made them all stop dead in their tracks. Momma just went all insane.I think the message was pretty clear. However, I forgot to calculate one small error of measure.Baby Twerp's speech impediment. As we all know through that nasty Trucker incident, BT uses F's instead of T's in his speech.
So as we knocked on the first house and subsequently EVERY HOUSE thereafter....Baby Twerp would ring the doorbell and say, "Fick or Feat"
In which then would ensue Middle Twerp saying...."Ahhhhhh...Oh no, Baby Twerp said Feet. Sorry, I gotta take all your candy."

And then I had a full WWF meltdown on my hands. AT EVERY HOUSE!

But we made it through and at 7:15 am once IJ and ET had left for her softball tournament, I was served breakfast in bed.
Ficker Feat and all.....But I think we might need to bump that speech therapy up to 2x a week before we find ourselves in more trouble.


Lo said...

is it bad that i totally want to eat candy right now? at 11 in the morning? no. i didn't think so.

SondreLyn said...

cute, Cute, CUTE! Happy fick-or-feet night to ya'll! ;D

Becky :) said...

Ok, I really love the Fick or Feet. I think he is just so adorable it wouldn't matter what he said.

Glad you all had a great night of Fick or Feeting.
The costumes are great.

Shelle said...

Ficker Feat!! I love it!!

When my daughter was 3 she could not make the "sm" blend. Her favorite candy at Halloween was "Farties" (aka Smarties).

feather k said...

ha...we didnt get to see your outfit...was it a referee for all of those candy wwf bouts from saying feet?

Smart Mouth Broad said...

With my daughter, it was the sp that made the f sounds. She would recite, "the itsy bitsy fighter went up the water spout"

This was adorable!

Kila said...

Hahahaha! Good thing he didn't have to say Trick-or-Truck.

They are adorable. We had a Spiderman here, too.

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

priceless! my fave is how ET totally gets into the skeleton role. get that girl into drama class!