Friday, October 31, 2008


We love celebrating that sinful evil holiday that us heathens celebrate
...we start celebrating about a week early. Cause we are big heathens like that all.Anyhoo, Middle Twerp and I made batch of bat and witch and pumpkin and ghost cookies earlier this week - when my hair was still blonde.We also did small animal sacrifices but we all know you are not allowed to take pics of that.

I kid. I kid. About this pic part.

I just did not have my camera with me. I kid. I kid. Again.

I had it. I just forgot about it. Shew. I am on a roll. Anyhoo, Middle Twerp did all the work. But Baby Twerp joined in on the eatin. Very predictable and all. (Please notice the event MT is partakin in. File away for future reference.)
Last night, Eldest Twerp made her cookies. We have found it to be best to separate the boys cooking time from her cooking time. It makes life easier. And less bloody. Which is good around the cookies and all.
Her cookies also turn out better and I eat them. The boys have been known to pick a winner while cooking (Reference earlier picture of MT). I stray away from their finished products. Don't worry. If you ever come over for dinner, I will warn you what they cook. Probably.
But we went and gots ourselves some punkins. And we all know you HAVE to wear your Halloween costumes when you pick out your punkin. It is a fact. That I knew nutin bout.
But I was ejumikated purty quickly.
And I have no idea why I started talking all hick and all, but I shall stop now. Probably.
But Indiana Jones is in charge of the carving round these here parts. Since I lost a finger back in 19 and 82. But we try not to talk bout it much round here. Since no one believed me and thought I was just playin a gruesome Halloween prank. But I won cause I got the nubbin to prove it. I really showed them, huh?Anyhoo, they dug right in and started guttin their punkin. Eldest Twerp showed em how it was done.But then Baby Twerp was all like "OOOHHHH, MY HAND IS DWIRTEE."In which I replied, "Oh, no biggie. It is just punkin guts."
Apparently, this was not the right thing to say.
And while Baby Twerp was all wiggin out on us. Middle Twerp was consumed with cutting. He just had to cut SOMETHING. I took the squalling Baby Twerp to him.

I KID. I KID! Totally Kidding.

Sike! (Hello 80's flashback.)Us girls had about enough of the drama so we went to roast our punkin seed. I love me some roasted punkin seeds. And some NON-BOY made cookies.Which left the boys to carve their jack-o-lanterns.And make sure no nubbins were lost. Like back in 19 and 82.
But I think they did a purty good job.


Jenn said...

What a fun night!! The cookies look yummy!! I canNOT say no to cookies. Except ones that contain winners, of course!

Linda said...

They did an awesome job! And Eldest Twerps cookies look super yummy!

edie+steve said...

I can't tell you what it means to me to hear you say punkin' and 19 and 82. My daughter programmed her name and number into my cell phone so every time she calls me--this is what I see
at-gurl-a-yurz. She would love the punkin too.

Marchelle said...

that baby twerp....him and the boy would make quite the pair. he is not fond of getting dirty either. wusses. ;)

and i EL OH VEE EE me some roasted punkin seeds...with lots of salt.. mmm...mmmm.....

Lo said...

oh my gosh!!!!! i love the smile on MT's face in the last photo!! totally made me grin myself ;)

and that punkin is pretty darn nice too!!!! ifa do say so mahself. (i can be country too.)

sigh. i'm so jealous of your seeds. (never thought i'd say that. hm.)

SondreLyn said...

How cute are those babies!!! Looks like a good time was had by all... yeah, my hubby does the cuttin' round these parts, too.

Sorry your hair appt was so dramatic! I know the feeling and have burst into tears in the beautician's chair, as well. Sometimes good, sometimes bad... Your hair looks beautiful in the pix though.

Happy Halloween!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

That there was a purdy darn cute story.

~Mad said...


~Mad in Alabama

Michelle said...

I need to apologize for laughing when I seen baby Twerp crying over the pumpkin guts! LOL!

Lo said...

Mine DO NOT like getting their hands DWIRTEE either! Happy Halloween
((((big hug))))

Steve said...

Your posts make me laugh. But the subject scares me. I have flashbacks of people putting pumpkins on my doorstep, then coming back, me chasing them in barefoot running through who knows what, and then flipping out. So please no more pumpkin stories. Thanks.

Carrie said...

Looks like a fun time! Your cookies look GREAT! I had a cookie crisis this week. As much as I like to cook and bake....I CAN NOT do cut out sugar cookies! I give up! I was in charge of the cookie walk and ended up taking store bought cookies! Seriously! What kind of SAHM am I? I need a lesson on cut out sugar cookies!

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

i feel your pain! animal sacrifices - so dangerous. nearly lost a digit myself - us heathens have to stick together.