Thursday, October 30, 2008


I was not gonna post pics of my new hair, cause OF COURSE you all will say nice things cause you love me and would be afraid of hurting my feelings cause you are super sweet like that and all. But I realized the inevitable shall happen.

When I walked in I told her that my blog friends think I look better in warm colors and Edie thinks I should have brown, carmel, and bronze. And she always knows best, she just kinda looked at me and then grabbed the foil. I was going back brunette baby.
After she foiled me and washed my hair I was all fine and giddy and still chattin away and enjoying myself. I was talking about my BIG DAY tomorrow morning at my new job and how I was gonna meet some of my new accounts and how I needed to be conservative yet I still wanted to be cute. She said she would need way more time and money to make me cute, but conservative she could do.

Then she started to blow my hair dry. And the dryer it got, the more I could feel my throat tighten and my eyes start to sting and I when I tried to swallow, I couldn't.

Then she said five little words that broke the levee.

Five. Little. Words.

How do you like it?

Then it happened. It all broke loose and these big ol tears started pouring down my cheeks. And. And. I could only talk like a munchkin.

She put her hair dryer down and said, "Don't worry. We will fix it."

You see, while big blonde chunks of hair in a sea of darkness looks cute on16 year olds, I looked like a skunk. An old non-conservative shunk.
And this pic does not show it...but trust me....I looked like a skunk. A stinky smelly one. with split ends. And all I could think about was my new job. And how I was gonna look like a skunk - not a cute Peppy La Pu, but maybe one with rabies.
So, at 9:00 at night, she refoiled me and sent me on my merry way home.
And let me just say once and for all that what I am about to tell you seals my fate as the BEST WIFE IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD. Cause on the way home, Indiana Jones called and asked me to stop and get him some beers.

I of course explained that would be IMPOSSIBLE cause I had a wet head with foil all in it and I looked like a baked potato dressed up like a skunk.

He said, "Fine. But get some Corona too."

And I did. Which totally is gonna win me the WIFE OF THE YEAR AWARD. And I asked him,
"Do you think your next wife will do this for you?" He did not answer.

Then when the guy at the gas station asked me WHY I HAD FOIL IN MY HAIR, I gave him that mad woman look and he knew he better not go there.
And this is me after work today...
In which I had missed these little TWERPS to pieces...
and could not wait for a little lovin.
and cuzzles...
and sweet hugs for my baby boys.
And then this one looked at me and said, "Momma, what happened to your hair?"
And I sprayed him. Now he is taking a tomato juice bath.


Becky :) said...

I like it better after you had the second foil in there. I didn't like the big blonde chuncks. Don't hate me for saying that.

It looks good now, I liked your pictures where you had the darker hair it looked so good.

ptamom3 said...

It looks beautiful. Do you know what the actual name of the color is? I need mine professionally done so badly but I never know what color to tell them and I really like yours! Mine always turn out with a hint of red and I can't stand red on me. HELP!

edie+steve said...

CG, First off, I've been waitin' on pins and needles.
Second thing is, I love it! You have such great hair that it would be hard to mess it up. It's beautiful now but I totally support your 9p redo. Not a huge fun of chunks either. Third thing is, I'm trying to get up my skills to post pics of my recent hair do job. It ain't easy takin' pictures of oneself in the mirror. You are gifted. And listen, I've had my share of bad hair jobs....ones that have nearly required therapy. What part of 'trailer trash blonde' do you not get Mr. Salon man. If you are a hair stylist in east TN, there's only one color you gotta be able to do in your sleep and that's trailer trash blonde. The worst part is paying $&^%$%$%$ and not loving it--which happens to me alot. I'd trade for your hair anyday... I'm real jealous! Your twitter comments had me scared so I was pleasantly surprised! Any thoughts from IJ? Was that before or after the corona?

Marchelle said...

not gonna lie... it definitely looks better after she added some dark back in - which looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

i laughed right out loud - very very loud - when i saw the pic of you with the 2 big pieces of foil right in front. i mean, it's obvious if you had a whole head full of foil but just those right on top kind of looks like "does she know that she has foil on her head?" hands down, you are wife of the year!

Anonymous said...

OMG! This happened to me 2 and I am thinking I am all that a snickers bar and my neighbor finally says...the highlights make u look old...I put mahogany brown (AKA hint of red) on...IDK...
Ur Q in MWC

Jessica said...

You deserve the wive of the year award for sure! I can. not. believe. you went into the store to buy beer with foils in your hair. If only I were that secure with myself. :) Your hair looks great BTW. I have had my share of bad do's too and I only wish I had the nerve to start crying. In the past I always smile and say "thanks, it looks great". Only to b---- and moan about her for the next six months.

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

girl! i can sooo one-up you in the bad hair dept on any given day but i give you the funniest blog of the year for this one AND the cutest twerp of forever. IJ doesn't care if you came home with polka-dotted hair as long as there's coronas with it! he wuvs you for you like we all do!

Treasia said...

You have won the wife of the year award I would bet on it. I love your hair. It turned out beautiful.

Being Brazen said...

your hair looks beautiful. Love the colour at the end.:)

Jenn said...

Well after the "fix", it looks amazing!!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Love the new doooo!

The woman said...

Have to say I'm a little jealous of your amazing head of hair. The color definitely looks good now that that skunk line isn't on it.