Wednesday, November 5, 2008

No Stone Unturned

Marchelle said...
How tall are you?
5 ft 7 in - bare foot

What do you want for Christmas?
Flip video camera (so I can do Edie's request)
My family happy and together

When are you going to take the cake survey off your blog?
When I post my STRAIGHT FROM HEAVEN AND TO YOUR THIGHS carrot cake recipe from my Aunt Betty. Although she just called in Carrot Cake. We have already established how I feel about that. So, I will post it soon and then take it off. Definitely. Maybe.

edie+steve said...
What year did you graduate high school?
Ninety four, ninety four, ninety, ninety, ninety four!

Would you consider doin' a video blog...I'm dying to hear you talk?
If I get a FLIP video camera, I will do one for ya.

Do you have an accent?
Yea, kinda bad. I am self conscience about it. It is a hills of Kentucky southern Indiana hick accent. and I talk really fast and loud. I am basically like a 32 year old southern cheerleader.

How has blogging changed your life?
It is totally therapeutic. I started it as a way for my parents to see the Twerps and their daily life since they lived over 750 miles away. But yesterday I had over 500 people visit and although I do not even know half of you, I honestly value each and every one of you. I think of you all throughout the day and truly care about your life and your families. I know. I need even more therapy.

Are you close to your mother?
Very. She is probably my best friend and she loves me just the way I am. I in NO WAY deserve such a loving and dedicated person. No matter what, she would never give up on me.

What is your favorite all time accessory?
Well Lordy-Be. Now I am gonna go to cryin. On the morning of my wedding I woke up in the only bedroom I had ever known for 20 years. In my twin bed. My dad was giving me a cherry jewelry box engraved with my childhood nickname. I cried. He cried. We are close.

I then commented he needed to help me fill it.

And he reached in his pocket and pulled out a princess cut blue Sapphire ring of his mother's, who died of cancer when he was 14. I never met her, but I wear it everyday as a reminder of the love and commitment my family has for one another.

What celebrity does IJ remind you of?
Maybe a cross between Billy Crystal and Ben Affleck. I don't know. Who does he remind ya'll of?

Lo said...
what shampoo do you use?
Pantene Pro V. For 16 years. Not the same bottle though. Although that would be so sweet.

what side of the bed do you sleep on?
If you are lying on the bed, looking up at the ceiling, the left side. Cause it has always been farthest from the door in case a nerdy lizard comes in to rape and pillage me, they will get IJ first. And my mom always slept on that side too. But in her own bed. No ours. Cause that would be weird. And you probably already knew that. But I like to be clear.

favorite food ever?
Mexican. And Cherry Pie. And my mom's vegetable soup. But not at the same setting.

Amy said...
Regarding your pantyhose issue... you can always wear thigh've got the legs for them!!!
I love you more than words can ever say.

Dana and Daisy said...
Did you come from a home with a career mom?
No. My mom was a Stay At Home Mom. She had supper on the table every day by 5. Always had our cloths cleaned and ironed. Wiped my nose, kissed my boo boos and made sure I tied my shoes in double knots. She did go to work when I was in Middle School, but only during school hours. And I knew I was ALWAYS first. Even before my brother. I kid. I kid. Not really. I am serious. We all know that I am the fav.

either way, how did her working or not working outside the home influence your decisions in life about working?
Both my parents taught me 2 of the most valuable lessons I know
1. Work Ethic -- Always do more than expected
2. Give -- Life is bigger than yourself.

Jenn said...
What are YOUR hobbies? As in, when you get time alone or away from the twerps, and the blog, lol, what do you prefer to do?
Taking pics, I LOVE to be around people...talking, working, shopping. And I would go on a mission trip if I could do anything at any time. People are my hobby.

Do you read?

If so, what types of books?
Right now, Goodnight Moon, Ten Little Monkeys, Brown Bear Brown Bear.
But my favs are listed IN THIS POST

Since moving to your new town, in your new state, in your new time zone, have you acquired the southern drawl...I mean, accent?
I have one...from Louisville (Lull-ville) where I was born and raised. I am such a hick.

Are you permanently in your new town, etc. or is another move a possibility in the future?
My house has a for sale sign in it as we speak. This will not be our last move.

Becky :) said...
What traditions does your family have at Thanksgiving and Christmas?
Cranberry Eating Contest
Daily Advent Boxes

What is your favorite holiday?
Christmas. Hands down. Love it. Love it. Love it.

What is your favorite dessert to make?
Carrot Cake - recipe from Aunt Betty

What is your favorite bedtime story to read to your twerps?
Anything by Stephen King. I KID. I kid.
Five Minute Devotions for Children. Amazing Amazing Book. WOW!
On The Night You Were Born -- I cry everytime

The Unconventional Doctor's Wife said...
Have you had any more nightmares about nerdy octopuses hiding under your bed?
No. I have had the other one from my childhood about the Joker, baseboard heaters, and harvest gold curtains. I can't go there right now.

What is your favorite wine to drink?

What is your favorite holiday tradition?
Cranberry Eating Contest, Advent Boxes, FAMILY.

If you could only wear one pair of blue jeans for the rest of your life, what brand and what cut would they be?
GAP Long and Lean Stretch. I seriously just took them off to look.

k8mc said...
First of all, what were you doing at age 25?
At 25 I had been married for 5 years and it was 2001. Eldest Twerp was four and attending Pre K as I taught sixth grade. I was finishing my master's degree and Indiana Jones was deployed overseas for half the year. ET's adoption was finalized this year.

And second, what do you think about vaccines? It seems lately I've heard many things about vaccines - the dangers, the reasons not to do it, the side effects, etc. But after this it just got me thinking about vaccines and if ALL of them are necessary and how to wade through the medical jargon that comes with them. And then I went to the gyno the other day, and since I just turned 25, she is URGING me to get the Gardasil vaccine. The one that prevents cervical cancer by preventing HPV.
This subject is very near and dear to my heart. As far a vaccines go, I think it is a very personal decision. I have vaccinated all my children with everything EXCEPT the flu vaccine. I have my own personal reasons on that. And I am not judgin anyone who chooses differently.

As far as Gardasil I really do not have the strength in me to go into my story; but at 20/21 years old, I was one of the girls who could have benefited from this vaccine. Instead, once diagnosed, I went through a very rough time and ended up having part of my cervix removed among some other medical treatments. It was horrific and hard and at that age, I had NO CLUE what was going on. I urge you to research and follow your heart. But I know this, if there is even a chance of preventing this, it is worth it. For me, my daughter will get the vaccine.

Shelle said...
Have you done the Myers-Briggs personality test? If so, what are you?
Oh Lordy-Be I am OBSESSED with the Myers Briggs. And I make everybody who is a close friend take it. Although some will argue about the results. Stubborn whiners.

THIS IS ME and you can read all about me here.

Hamburger or Hot dog?
It depends. Grease spoon hamburger from a local diner...YES.
Hot Dog with sauerkraut and grilled onions and peppers...YES.
Local Cookout -- Hamburger, ketchup, tomato, lettuce and onion if no kissin is going on.

What are your views on homeschooling?
I had planned on homeschooling this fall and still have all the curriculum in my basement. I think it is marvelous and VERY beneficial. I actually did my thesis paper in college on Homeschoolers and KNOW the benefits. I admire and respect the families that accept the challenge.

linda said...
Where in GA do you live? Cuz I'm in NE SC and I could SO bring the wine! Or you could come stay the weekend up here. Srsly!
Atlanta....give me your digits sister.

Linda said...
Where do you get the music for your blog? I come into work, check your blog and then minimize it for the rest of the day just so I can listen to all the very versatile stuff you got there. I’m not kidding!
I am a loser and am obsessed with music and spend all my days bathing in the sounds you hear on my blog. Enjoy!

Kalin said...
On average, how much do you spend at your hair appointments?
In Oklahoma $65. Here $100.

Are you discreet when you get pictures of everything? Or do you just pull out the big ol' DSLR and ask people to smile?
I try to be descreet but sometimes you have to accept the humiliation and whip it out. It is all for you my lovely readers.

Marchelle said...
Wait, one more:What of the goats?
The fraternity just had goat week a week and a half ago. The goats dressed up and did dramas and skits. It was comical. The boys are treating them very well. I check on them a few times a week. They are growing their winter coats and have the bowel issues cleared up. They are keepin them indefinitely.

Christy said...
What is the story on Eldest twerps adoption?
One day. One day.

And I know this isn't technically about you, but how long has IJ been enlisted?
14 years.

Anonymous said...
What sorority were/are you a member of? What college?
It was at a state college in Indiana. My cousin (the rich one who has beautiful hair and lives 45 minutes away and had her house used for that movie with Demi Moore) rushed the same sorority 5 years before me. We are all soul sisters like that and all.

edie+steve said...
what's your favorite movie/actor/actress?
Juno, Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan

what are your favorite jeans? Brand, not size of course.
Gap -- see above for specifics

what blogs/websites are your favorites?
Here is where I go every morning and the order I visit...
Fantasy Football Team
ED News
and then others randomly....

do you listen to talk radio? Which show/s?
I am a HUGE NPR listener. I love Brothers and Sisters and Grey's Anatomy.


Becky :) said...

You are so awesome for answering all of our questions and opening yourself up to us.

I just big pink fuzzy heart your blog more than anything!!!!!

Jenn said...

Awesome - you are amazing for sharing. :)

Christy said...

Thanks for sharing!

Marchelle said...

You said 'Lullville'
I always knowed you was a Hoosier!

You really did put a for sale sign in your yard!? Cause of the weirdo guy? Or did you convince IJ to commute 8 hrs (7 hrs 45 min if he hustles.) Or are you moving again bc of the USAF? Or is that a matter of National Security that I have not yet been briefed on?

P.S. I am 'The Artist' (not the one formerly known as Prince)

P.P.S. You read me first? I read you first too!

edie+steve said...

Oh this was so much fun! I graduated in 1988 BTW which means I'm old....but had some rockin' big hair which I will show you someday. Your answers are all endearing. And I am cracking up at your faithfulness to Fantasy Football and ESPN....I thought I liked football. Juno was fantastic and I loved your comments about your family.

Amy in Edmond said...

I laughed so hard when you said you slept farthest from the door. I do the same. My husband thinks I am crazy. I do change sides of the bed depending on what side is farthest away from the door. I'm so glad to know I am not the only person in the world with this hang up.

Lo said...

you're the first blog i read in the morning, and then i move on to dooce :)

thanks so much for sharing!!! i LOVE THESE THINGS :):):)

k8mc said...

thanks for letting us into your life :)

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

i am an esfp ...oops no i think i'm an enfp. yep..with ADD. (i shall sit patiently waiting for carrot cake..straight to thighs..well worth it recipe)