Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Bowels of My Uterus

At Christmas time something happens deep within the bowels of my uterus. Does my uterus have bowels? I don't know, I have not looked recently, but you are missing the point. Try to stay focused here. I never stray from what I am sayin and I am always clear as a bell -- So I see not where the problem lies. FOCUS PEOPLE FOCUS!

Where was I? Oh yes - bowels and uteruses. Anyhoo, at Christmas deep within the far reaches of my uterus there begins a twinge or a flicker or an ache or a tingle or a cramp. I don't know. But in a good way.And somehow it is contagious. Cause then my fallopian tubes start hem hawing around and jumping for joy.Then before you know it my ovaries and doing somersaults and acting out. They sometimes even cry out.... and I have to tell them to simmer down.
It is quite embarrassin for all involved.
But basically, my entire reproductive system catches this twing-flickerin-jumping-for-joy-hem-hawing-hootin-n-hollerin disease.
Or it mighta been the bean burrito and eggnog. Burp

Either way, I am now lactating.

Sorry. I coulda spared you the details. Details Schmetails.

Wait until you see what happens of Valentine's Day. It ain't purty. That's all I am sayin.


Dana and Daisy said...

you have got the whitest teeth I have ever seen, girl!

And you are a crazy nut! That's why I love you!

ptamom3 said...

The 1st and 3rd pictures here are precious!! Get them in a scrapbook. Do I detect news of babies to come?? That's what I'm getting from this post- of course I've got some of that blond on my head too, so I could be way off base :)

Lo said...

LOL!!!!! I guess once you nurse, the body is ALWAYS ready! So glad you all had a wonderful holiday in your new home.

Sarah said...

So sweet & fun. I love to get in the floor with mine too.

I'm in for the sleepover -just name the date. I can bring the tequila & limes.

Thanks for for the visit & comment.
Now every picture I take my kiddos want to know if it will be on the blog.

Oh Lulu loves to see pic's of ET (that older girl thing I guess)