Monday, December 29, 2008

The Six Lessons From Christmas

I am all about learning things from life's experiences. Takin it all in and becoming a better person -- becoming one with oneself, achieving a sense of peace and zen and love. Or something like that.

Anyhoo, this Christmas provided lots of lessons for me. Let's take a look, shall we?

LESSON #1 -- The Early Bird Gets the WormMiddle Twerp is my rooster. He always has been. And of course, he was the first the wake up and see that SANTA had come. He was also very upset that we did not wake him up to see Santa. Cause he wants to be BFFs with him and all. I completely understand. We like to never miss the opportunity to bring more friends into our fold. That's how we roll and all at our house.Anyhoo, he wasted no time in getting his brother out of bed and sayin, "Hey Buddy. Santa came and brought preeeesssssents. But I have more." He is such a giver like that and all. I have no idea where he gets this competitive spirit from... Anyone? Anyone? IJ?LESSON #2 -- Christmas Morning Faces are Priceless LESSON #3 - Sometimes As Parents You Buy Gifts More For You Than For The KidsI am just sayin, there are somethings you are more excited about the Twerps opening than they are.
You are just like, "Rip it open already!" {please don't judge me. we don't do make up on christmas morning. i apologize for your viewing pains.}
And then, when they finally open you. You must be quality control. For their safety and all.
I think it will be AT LEAST another month until the Twerps get their hands on these.
There will fo shiz be more pics on this subject, cause this is how IJ and I have spent out last 96 hours -- in Nerf Wars.

And the wii? The twerps are still waitin for a turn.
But again, I need to make sure it works okay and all.

LESSON #4 -- A Humorous Gift is WAY Better than a New ipod. right?
I mean come on....who could pass this up?When I saw this it "SCREAMED" IJ to me. I have vibes with things like that and all. I could totally read its aura. And its aura was "Buy Me for IJ" It was kinda like that moment with the wind up sushi...Anyone remember? But anyhoo, I do not think he appreciated my gift as much as I. But I still giggled.
LESSON #5 -- Buy Your Parents Electronic Devices Cause Those Are Better in the Will Than Crocheted Pot Holders (unless they're Linda's)
My favorite part was when my mom opened up her ipod. You could tell she wanted to love it SOOOO badly, but had no clue what it was. I went ahead and downloaded all the KISS albums and Van Halen with David Lee Roth -- cause she thinks those are the good years. Right, Mom?
LESSON #6 -- There Can Never Be Enough Coffee, Especially on Christmas Morn


Scrappy Girl said...

We are lovin' the new wii too! I never thought I would be addicted to Guitar Hero...but LOOK OUT! LOL!

Lo said...

yaaaaay!!!! i love christmas. and i love your jammies:)

also, IJ wears glasses? how come we never knew that??

pooping reindeer? awe. some.

and also? i can tell you from personal experience, Linda's stuff? ah-mayzing. she is so talented. i would TOTALLY covet her doilies.

Kyleigh said...

My spawn got that pooping reindeer at his school exchange! Love it.

SondreLyn said...

We got those nerf guns for our 2 kids... but my husband and I spent our entire Christmas trip shooting them... and now we are home, and my husband is shooting our poor defenseless pets... don't call the ASPCA, k? And I am SO down with the COFFEE!!! :D

Treasia said...

Never can get enough coffee on Christmas morning around here either. The kids and adults looked as if they had a great morning. Loving the nerf guns. Must get those for Trucker and I next year.

Sarah said...

Looks like a fun & special day.
We got our Wii last year. Here's what you do. Send the kids to bed, make sure that they are very much asleep. Then go play without them (you know practice) then when they ask you to play, you can totally beat them & look effortless.

Gman got Thrillville this year, he loves it.

Saw the nerf - Gman got the nerf vulcan, some machine gun shoots 3 per second. So Lulu got a gun too, so she can defend herself.

Love the pj's - One of my weakness it fun pj's

Dana and Daisy said...

cute pj's CG! Looks like you saved a few presents under the tree. Your mom is not the only girl with a new ipod. I am still trying to figure out how to put more songs on it without erasing the ones I already put on there.

The pooper is priceless!

bekah said...

I did not get a cup of coffee on christmas until TEN o'clock. I've usually ingested at least one pot of coffee by then! WITHDRAWAL! I know you can understand.

Your kids are so dear, their little smiles me me smile!

Kim said...

What a wonderful Christmas morning!

I love your new abode. How in the WORLD did you get it all unpacked and put together already?

What are you, SuperGirl?

Jenn said...

Great PJs!!

We also got a Wii and I'm sporting a slight obsession with it right now. Just slight though, wink wink.

*Keli* said...

#1 The Wii is a blast! Never thought it would be so popular at the Young's.

#2 Love the pictures!

#3 LOVE your new house!!! Can I visit?

#4 I got the family Nerf guns too! A blast!!!!! Do we have to grow up???

Linda said...

Electronic Devices are WAY better than crocheted potholders! Got me a GPS! Woo-whoo! I'll never be lost again!
Looks like you had a wonderful day.

P.S. Sleepover in March?!? Send me the details! I'll bring the wine!

Anonymous said...

I was SOO excited when ET text me! I miss her, shes a blessing!


Jennifer said...

Hahaha, my kids got the same presents! A Wii and the Nerf revolvers! Fun stuff....

Trailboss said...

I saw the reindeer pooping at Walmart after Christmas and my husband and I laughed out loud! I should have bought some, as gag gifts OR NOT!

I love your witty remarks. They are so funny!