Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Waffle House Is My Idea of Heaven

After our wild and crazy Christmas tree adventure ET and I were FAMISHED. So we went to the place were all are loved and accepted at any time of the day or night: The Waffle House.

In college we had a Waffle House that we frequented and the "W" was missing so we referred to it as the Affle House. Get it? Yeah, we were creative and cool like that and all. Anyhoo, the Waffle House is the epitome of paradise to me. It embraces people from all walks of life. It has no borders or boundries...it is always availble and open. There are no rules. It loves me just the way I am.

While we were there we befriended a truck driver in his late 50's that was recently divorced and having a hard time with the holidays so he was spending them on the road. It made us realize what we had and to not take it for granted.

We met some college students scraping together enough car change for a breakfast meal to split....they made us smile and took me back to the end of the semester when I could sell back my textbooks -- HEAVENLY!

We also chatted with a dressed-up elderly couple who got all fancied up to go to his work Christmas party to only realize IT WAS TOMORROW night. So they were both sitting on the same side of the booth holding hands and going with the flow.... they made ET and I realize life is all about the journey.

So yes, my idea of heaven is all about diversity, a jukebox, and some good eggs over easy. And acceptance. I just big pink fuzzy heart with glitter love me some acceptance. Merry Christmas from the Waffle House! Burp.


k8mc said...

I love your messages in your blog, whether you mean it or not, you always teach me something or make me think! I love that statement that it "made you and ET realize life is all about the journey." You are blessed to have each other!

jill said...

hahahhaha! i love love LOVE this!
i love waffle house too. and, unfortunately, they don't have them in NW minnesota. (the devastation, i know!) my fondest (and only) memory of them was one somewhere near louisville, ky when i was there for the nat'l ffa conv. in 2005. i ate there super late with my sister and the waitress called us "honey" and "sweetie" and all that. and i felt so loved. and i'm not sure why i am going on about all this but i can't stop. and when i nannyed in PA this summer. there was a waffle house in lancaster (which was sort of close to us) and i longingly looked at it whenever we drove by. but i never ate there. one of my life's biggest regrets. anyway, i meant to just tell you that i love waffle house too. and i am so jealous that you have them close by. enjoy them for me too, okay?
i will shut up now. i promise.
xoxoxo, jill in waffle-house-less-minnesota

edie said...

Yeah it just confirms our BFF-ness. Waffle House is one of my all-time faves. Life lessons, good eggs, fluffy waffles and all.

Love you guys!

Vaquerogirl said...

Wish we had a Waffle...er Affle House around here! The closest one is two hours away. I guess fancy people that live in California don't eat waffles...harumph!
You must be loads of fun to be around!Your kids always look so happy!
Marry Christmas!

Tinman said...

They buy back your books?
Where is my return on investment?
You owe me!


cb in nm said...

Did you go to school in Amarillo? I'm sure you didn't, but we had an "affle house" there too! :)

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

jill -- i grew up on the outskirts of luville

dad-- mom knew

cb -- nope....Indiana...sorry

Cathy said...

Wishing your whole family a Very Merry Christmas in your new house.
~All of us at As the World Flops.