Monday, January 12, 2009

Breakfast: Over Easy No More

Sometimes my Twerps have a tendency to, as my mother would call it, "Boar Hind End Around." Or as my dad would refer to it, "Piddle Fartin." {And you wonder why I talk the way I do.}

Normally I am a laid back, go-with-the-flow kinda girl. I can stand a little bug watchin or egg and toast battles or bacon and waffle face makin.

But not on Playoff Weekend.
On Playoff Weekend, we got places to go and games to watch and men in tight pants to see.
Oh my, was that out loud?
Anyhoo, the normal relaxing, takin it all in breakfast at the Waffle House was moved along by plane rides of food into my Twerps' mouths and you better not eat that waffle threats.It worked. We FINALLY got out of there, just in time for the Tennessee game. In which I think we are painfully aware of my loss.
These poor babies have two more weeks of this. Then off to NCAA Basketball. Please don't call Child Protective Services come March Madness. I will still feed them. Most of the time. Which, just for the record, I think is overrated. This is my way of fighting childhood obesity. I kid. I kid.


Dana and Daisy said...

they do not look underfed or neglected in any way! I gave you a plug on my blog today. It is just my way of saying I live through you vicariously!

Marchelle said...

confession: i am kinda like that even without the playoffs. sorta. its my anal retentiveness. well, i mean, like if i'm bloggin and i hear the screamin and hollerin and cries for help and all that nonsense, i can just turn the other cheek and ignore it and tolerate it. but when we are eatin? i am a tyrant. sit down! eat your food! don't get up! don't play in it! [of course no one actually listens.] which is why we now have a dog. i've not had to mop in 4 months! don't judge me.

PS - mr. clean and i ate at the barrel of crack WITHOUT KIDS on saturday morning! heaven is what it was. he had the uncle herschel's, i had the 2 eggs & sausage w/grits & b&g. amen.

Linda said...

I still don't know how you manage it all:)

vsmphotography said...

haha...snort...snort.... You're better than I am... I usually throw a fruit roll up or two and then, oh yeah protein... here's some peanuts...