Saturday, January 17, 2009

Confessions of a Country Girl

I feel like if we are going to continue this relationship I need to be open and honest about some things. I have not lied to you, but I have not shared everything either. But now, we are at the juncture in which I feel I need to disclose some things that might be a deal breaker. Remember, I love you all.

Confession 1: I love the Lawrence Welk Show.

And by sayin LOVE, I am puttin it mildly. Obsessed maybe a little more accurate. I am more of a closet Welk Show lover though. It is on LATE at night on PBS so once the little dumplins are in bed and IJ is snoozing...I'll sneak downstairs to watch the girls and steal their dance moves.
and TWIRL....oh how I love to twirl. I have always wanted to be a Welk Girl...Wunnerful. Wunnerful. When most girls were dreamin of being princesses or doctors or Dallas Cowgirl Cheerleaders (I have to admit, this was on my list too), I was dreaming of the dressesI wanted this dress. THIS dress. I mean what else could I girl want? Pink? Check. Glitter? Check. Diamonds? Check. BUUUUtiful. {sigh}

And the eyes -- those sultry eyes....And the hair....OH BE STILL MY BEATING HEART...the hair......At Christmas time, as a kid of course, I will sneak in at night and watch the holiday editions and pretend I am one of those girls in the green velvet dress swayin my hips and looking at the camera with sultry eyes and feathered hair. I even sometimes practice holding my hands in the little hand muff and sing with sultry eyes. Wunnerful. Wunnerful. Sigh.But in reality no matter how hard I tried, no matter how many hours I spent twirling, no matter how many sultry eyes I practiced, no matter how much I curled my hair, no matter how many coats of lip gloss I applied..... this is the Wunnerful Welk girl I looked the most like:Giggle.

I have more, but this is all I can endure at this time. I love you all. I must now go hide my face is shame....once I curl my hair and practice my twirl, of course (said with sultry eyes).

Have a Wunnerful Day,


MauritaMason said...

I haven't seen LW in years. But I confess that I watched it one night instead of going to prom. Does that make you feel better?

SupposedSuburbanite said...

Aw, CG...I used to watch Lawrence Welk with my gram who passed away two years ago this week. This post brought a little tear to my eye...Don't be ashamed of Lawrence Welk!

And I just told a little didn't bring just a tear, more like floodgates...

Thanks CG!

Dana and Daisy said...

I never watched it as a kid because it came on the same time as the Donny and Marie Show.

p.s. you have the hair we all dream of, and the twirls, too. And I bet you have a pink sparkly dress in your closet, too!

Kim said...

I used to watch LW every Saturday night with my grandma. I loved Guy and Ralna. Alas, they divorced.

Remember the Rose Milk lotion commercials? I had me some Rose Milk. Wunnerful. Wunnerful. I can still smell it. *Sigh* I wonder if they still make Rose Milk. I'll go Google it now.

Sarah said...

Oh my! I remember watching that to & wanting to look, dance, & sing like they did. What a Wunnerful trip down memory lane. Too too funny.

Have a wunnerful day CG!

Hope the hive are better.

Try some benedryl & an oatmeal bath- that's what Lulus' DOC had me do for her - now she asks for an oatmeal bath even without hives - she's so spoiled!

Faith said...

That's so funny. I work at a retirement home and you better believe the residents never miss a Lawrence Welk show!

The Ramblin' Rat said...

Hey CG! I've been a lurker on you're blog for awhile. I think I commented once, but I can't remember. Anyway, I couldn't help but post this link for you. SNL did a Lawrence Welk parody not too long ago and it's pee in your pants funny.

I wasn't a huge fan of Lawrence Welk, but I totally remember being forced to watch it with my parents.

Here is the link to the SNL parody.

Just a note, pee before you watch it and don't drink anything while watching it.

-Becky, The Ramblin' Rat

missy said...

oh that is way to funny...i remember as a child dancing in my grandparents living room while th LW show was on...and yes twirling!!! love that story!!!!

Lo said...

dude!!!! i totally went to see a broadway(off broadway)show at the Lawrence Welk Theatre in California. i was 15. it was AWESOME. i beleive it was, Chorus Line. and it totally looked the same as it did on the lawrence welk show. how awesome is that???

Jettie said... God Parents ced on the Lawrence Welk show...not kidding!!

Marchelle said...

I was more into Hee-Haw and The Barbara Mandrell Show. Cause I was country when country wasn't cool.

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

how long was that show on? my grandmother and i used to watch it. i thought it was seriously corny then..but i did love it! from where did you drag these clips?

Dawn said...

I loved the Lawrence Welk show too!

My favorites were Guy and Ralna.