Thursday, January 29, 2009

Help Me Rhonda

I love birthday parties. Like seriously, for real love birthday parties. There is just something about getting a group of friends together to celebrate life. The laughter, the hugs, the love...ahhh. And let's face it - cake with butter creme icin makes everything better.

Anyhoo, I have a dilemma - a quandary - a tight spot - a catch 22 - a jam - a predicament - a fix - a sticky situation. Ya know what I am sayin? And what do I ALWAYS do when I have a decision to make?

I call YOU my faithfully wise friends. And Rhonda, cause the song tells me to. Is there a Rhonda in the house? No? Well, just pretend.

Middle Twerp is having his 5 year old birthday party. Ah -- 5 years old. It makes ya just smile thinking about. He knows what he wants - A SPIDERMAN PARTY at HIS NEW HOUSE. There were no discussions, no quandaries, no predicaments...nope. None. He was decisive and sure of his decision and he has not wavered. Not once.

So we are all set. And in my efforts to actually PLAN and PREPARE in ADVANCE, I go to his Pre Kindergarten class to request names to make invitations. And then. Then. It all changed.

You see, MT PreK teacher's family is going through some challenges during these rough economic times. So she took matters into her own hands and is opening her own party place. It will open in 2 weeks and she wants me to have MT's birthday party at her new place. She has two themes: knights and magician. She is sweet and kind and wonderful....and, as I have found through numerous phone calls and letters, quite the sales lady.

She has set up the entire party for MT. I am talkin planned it ALL OUT - giving me a discount for ALL the kids in the class. And she is so excited at the business opportunity of 20 kids seeing her facility in hopes of future bookings.

Great, right? Fab, right? Easy, right? WRONG!

Middle Twerp wants a SPIDERMAN party AT HIS NEW HOUSE with a SPIDERMAN web cake. And he ain't thinkin bout any alternatives. Nope. Nada. None.

So I graciously let his PreK teacher know. And I could see the disappointment on her face. She is just trying to get her business started. And although she does not have a SPIDERMAN theme party, we could tweak something at her place probably, but MT wants it as HIS NEW HOUSE.

I know. I know. What is a girl to do? IJ is not even thinkin bout doing 2 parties -- I mean NO WAY thinking about it. But how can I say no to her? It is a little pricey, but she is just tryin to make ends meet.

What am I to do????? He is 5. Really? Will he care? Will he remember? Will he notice? Uhm, as much as I wanna say NO NO NO. I know him oh-so-well and it is YES, he will care. Yes, he will remember, YES he will notice and throw a hissy fit.

Can we have a FEW over for a small party at our house and then do the big one at the PreK teacher's place? We don't know anyone to invite, we are just inviting the entire PreK class and IJ says no.


So here are my options:
  1. Have SPIDERMAN PARTY at our house, maybe do BT's at her place. And single-handedly financially ruin the poor lady and her family.
  2. Have MAGICIAN party with PreK teacher, and let MT realize it ain't all bout him.
  3. Have two parties as to help his Pre K teacher out, and get a divorce.
Oh puh leez wise friends help me out. I just cannot decide this one alone.
Is there a Rhonda in the house?


Jackie said...

Why don't you propose to Pre-K teacher that she bring a few of her fun bday activities over to your house--a kindof party-place sampler, if you will--and then she can hand out her card to all the parents. You can pay her a little, but less than if it were at her business, she gets the exposure, MT gets his SM party at win for all.

Good luck!! And Happy Bday to MT!! I love 5. What a great age.

feather k said...

i say have a family party at the house with the spiderman cake...surprise him that morning or something...then do the party at the pre-k teacher's don't want her flunkin' your kid or anything...but really maybe everyone else will have theirs there too...IJ SCHM-IJ...he'll get over the 2 parties more cake for him...

Writer Chick said...

CG twenty years from now you won't know the teacher, but MT will be in therapy and telling on his Mama for ruiningg his life by having a scary magician party.

And I like Jackie's idea. compromise is good. She gets to advertise her stuff and your son gets what he wants. And IJ stays a married man.


Happpy Birthday MT

Paige said...

yep--the kid needs his spiderman party in his new house--if he does not get it, he will be as crazy as me when he grows up--I am still messed up over that sort of that thing.

How close are you to another twerps bday so you could use her?

Treasia said...

I have gotta say that it's MT's birthday here and his wishes should be what's most important. I understand she is wanting to get her business started, and wants exposure but right now MT is what is most important. As I am sure you are thinking the same.

Tell her that maybe next year when she has more themes then it would be best then. Or if one of the other Twerps likes the themes have theirs there with her.

bekah said...

but it IS about him isnt it? I cant help but think that she kinda backed you into a corner when (whatever her intentions) she decided that she was going to plan your sons party without first asking you if you had any ideas for it.

I know you want to help her out, and its not a bad idea to see if she wants to network at the party MT asked for.

So my opinion...spiderman party at your house. Oh and my friend has a dog named Rhonda...and I think she would agree with me!

Yvette said...

Oh can't save everyone. I agree that your son WILL have a problem with this.

I think Jackie's suggestion has merit. Let her come in and do her thing at your house and pass out cards. maybe even have the magician wear a Spider Man costume. Have the next party there.

Rachel said...

Sorry, but I think it's rather rude of your teacher to do that to you. Regardless of her situation. Do what you planned to do in the first place. Tell her that you will consider her place for another party or something.

Jessica said...

I would have the party at his NEW HOUSE with SPIDERMAN just like he wants. I don't like pushy people who go making plans without asking me first, even if she's trying to 'get her business started'. Tough Nuggies!

Linda said...

Jackie is a wise, wise woman.

The Wife said...

Let MT have his spiderman party at the new house. She shouldn't put the pressure of starting a new business on you.

CindyDianne said...

Hey, if MT wants a SPIDERMAN party at HIS NEW HOUSE then that's what he gets. Birthday's are one of the few times of the year when you have an excuse for doing exactly what they want!

Lo said...

dude. i KNOW from experience... this kinda shiz messes you up big time. he's only five... he's old enough to remember EVERYTHING. betrayal.. being tossed aside... yet young enough that he can't understand it not being all about him. do jackie's idea. the teacher should be ashamed of herself for backing you into a corner like that. i for one would be upset.... this a CHILD we're talking about. it's not like you forced her to open a party place just so you could have MT's bday party there and then canceled on her.

like jackie said, maybe she can do a sampling. or like feather said, havea morning party with family and spiderman, with ALL spiderman gifts, and then later do the party at hte party place.

Dana and Daisy said...

Okay, I did not read the other responses becaue I just have to go with my gut on this.

A. You are to take care of your family first.
B. Do you want him to be all crying in every photo of his 5th birthday?
C. Yes, he will remember it because it might be tragic for him.
D. The rest of your life you will hear this: 'Mom, remember when I wanted a spidey-party at our new house, but..."
E. The teacher needs to learn that a business needs to offer what the customers want, 2 themes??
F. She could learn to bring parties to your house if she really wanted the biz.
G. Do we need more reasons?
H. You do not have to please everybody.
I. She should give you all the names anyway, unless there is some weird privacy rule about it.
J. for IJ, is right, two parties is not the best solution.
K. You could tell her you will keep her in mind for future parties
L. This is part of making a business, she should become a better businessperson after you turn her down.
M. Everyone is struggling and you do not have to save them all.
N. Business is tough and she will take more licks than this one.
O. My teacher should be proud I can still say my ABC's
P. I am hogging your comment section.
Q. You can say no nicely.
R. It is cute that MT loves his new house so much.
S. You should encourage him to want to bring his friends there.
T. Some day he might not anymore.
U. The teacher is not a lifetime part of your life, but MT is.
V. It is so much more personal to have a party at home.
W. You want to do it at home.
X. The decorations would be cuter at your house.
Y. MT wants to show off his room and his family!
Z. That is so precious and you need to honor it!

CrisKrinkle said...

It is unfair for the teacher to put that kind of pressure on you. She is not a part of your family and you are not responsible for making her a success. It is MT's day and it should be what he wants. And DO NOT feel guilty for that.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I like Jackie's idea too. but why would you pay someone to throw a party in your home?

I also think that is about him- it is his 5th bday and, ultimately what he wants is not that outrageous, it is a simple request. the teacher needs to understand that the party is about the guest of honor and she may be better off (not to mention more successful in business) if she learns to adapt to the client's needs. Just let her know that your son really has his heart set on a party at home and that you hope that you'll be able to hire her services in the future.

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

dana? i love you.

joansy said...

I read through the other comments, but really, it all boils down to this:

As Rachel said, it's really rather rude of the teacher to try to take over your son's birthday party, AND not even go with the theme he wants.

You know what, she has 20 OTHER kids in her class she can plan parties for.

This is YOUR baby, and I think he should get a SPIDERMAN PARTY at HIS NEW HOUSE.

Laura said...

I have a son who just turned four and even at this age, he knew what he wanted. I know looking into those beautiful big brown eyes of my first born that I would try to do what he wanted. Your family comes first. It's hard to please everyone and I know the teacher's trying to start a new business, but I really feel she overstepped a bit. Your little boy is special and loved and should have his party the way he wants it. They're only young once and I feel giving our children what they want, within reason, shows our love & respect for them.
Good luck with your decision.

Laura said...

...and I really think the teacher will learn to offer more than two themes if she wants her party business to succeed. Knights and magician are basic and somewhat classic, but this is a different time and there are so many other choices that the kids want.

Marchelle said...

holy birthday party drama batman!! or...spiderman.

dana = geniousness.

end of story.

Kelley said...

It is HIS birthday. I should he should have it HIS way, in HIS place. I'm pretty black and white like that. But, seriously, the PreK teacher surely didn't make her decision to open up a party place just because your kid had an upcoming birthday. Let someone else be her guinea pig. She'll get over it.

Kelley said...

It is HIS birthday. I should he should have it HIS way, in HIS place. I'm pretty black and white like that. But, seriously, the PreK teacher surely didn't make her decision to open up a party place just because your kid had an upcoming birthday. Let someone else be her guinea pig. She'll get over it.

Dana and Daisy said...

cg? I love you too! and all of your twerps, and I think IJ totally rocks!

Anonymous said...

The teacher needs to expand her party choices.....even if she is just getting started. Good grief..she should'nt make you feel guilty. The little guy should get what HE wants for his bday. We had TURTLES bdays for our little grandson for three years in a row, because that's what he wanted. Teacher needs to stick to teaching..and do her other thing with the customer in mind. I don't think she is going to last long if she doesn't expand her themes a bit.

Bonnie said...

I think his teacher is Lame-O and inconsiderate. I mean My 18 year old remembers EVERY birthday. You dont have VERY many kids birthdays before you are too old for them. I for one wish I had spent a little more time listening to my oldest wishes cuz now she is older and all responsible and stuff :-(
I think it is crappy that the teacher is using her position to pressure people into the party place , discount or not, it is your family and YOU know the answer to this ... ;-) They are number one and thats it period!
My kids are petrified by magicians, clowns and my little sissy boy is scared of dragons and the like I am sure he would be scarred for life.