Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fool Me Once, Shame On You. Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me.

These two spawn of mine have been hackin and coughin and snifflin all around the house for almost two weeks. And I have been giving them a free pass on some of their normally unacceptable behavior cause they have been sick. But I have about had enough.

So I took them to the doc this morning and had ALL the test run: strep, flu, gamagoblin, tootorhemia, and pregnancy. The wait is always the worst.
They had plenty of games to play and I had plenty of work to do....But then the good news (at least for me) came back....THEY WERE ALL NEGATIVE.
And I looked at their little faces and said, "That is it. You have fooled me no more forever. MUSH MUSH!"
They are now preparing my taxes and changing the oil in my car. That'll show em.

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